Which County Supervisor has the guts to call for Dave Roberts’ resignation?

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Yes, of course, innocent until determined otherwise. No question.


Yet, aside from the legal process, there’s also the point at which a scandal reaches the tipping point of no going back. 

There’s also the point when a public official becomes such a distraction that his or her constituents can no longer be represented fairly.

The point when the government agency itself becomes embarrassed.

That’s the time for the other elected officials to have some resolve.

That time may be quickly approaching.


NBC 7: County Supervisor Misused Public Funds, Retaliated Against Employees: Claim

UT San Diego: Ex-Roberts aide files complaint


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  1. I met Roberts at a campaign seminar/debate in RB before the election. My reaction was: Nice face; Slick talker; Strange eye contact. Why do we need another elected odd ball in local government, and why is this guy campaigning in RB? Slick usually means slippery too.

  2. Filner was driven out of office for the same thing. It’s past time to get rid of Roberts. We need someone to do a presser calling for his resignation. Donna Frye, where are you when we need you?

  3. I’m sure Supervisor Dianne Jacob will be the first to call for Roberts’ resignation. She is in a fight for her political life running against State Senator Joel Anderson. Dianne will do whatever it takes to get more face time on the news.

  4. Cheated on his spouse with a tax-payer funded driver while being hostile to his entire staff?

    This could have been any one of us, guys. Let’s cut him some slack.

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