Where is Travis Allen? It’s time to lead! #WHEREISTRAVIS

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A conservative Latino’s view on politics…

The primary battle between Republican Party members, Assemblyman Travis Allen and business leader John Cox was vicious and nasty – mostly from Allen toward Cox. It turned into a lopsided, decisive beatdown that saw Cox take Allen out by 16.3 percentage points (over 900,000 votes). It was reminiscent of the utter destruction Mike Tyson gave Marvis Frasier.

Right now, Allen is still reeling – hurt, bitter, resentful and likely wants revenge on Cox any way he can. Despite his pettiness, Allen still sees himself as a leader. Well, Assemblyman, it’s time to lead. It’s time for your pity-party to end. It’s time to “man up” and help unite the Republican Party. It’s time to heal all wounds and move forward. #WHEREISTRAVIS

Allen mentioned the greatness of former Governor and President Ronald Reagan while campaigning. Travis, it’s time to learn from “Dutch” and become, “the Great Communicator.” Reagan brought the Republican Party together after his treacherous defeat in the 1976 presidential primary with an impromptu speech that’s now, forever enshrined as a masterpiece. Reagan, losing with grace and dignity, set himself up for the presidency. Can Travis Allen do the same?

Democrats always come together

Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom’s top Democrat challenger, former mayor, Tony Villa (Antonio Villaraigosa’s real surname), came out and endorsed Newsom after his loss. Democrats always do this and do it quickly. As of this writing, we’re still waiting on Allen to endorse Cox.

We need Allen to rally his troops. Hurt and stung by this bitter defeat, some won’t willingly unify without their candidate encouraging them to do so. Allen can redeem himself in the eyes of every conservative in California by joining Cox to focus on the true enemies of California – Democrats and the leftist known as Gavin Newsom!

Assemblyman, you want to be a leader, act like one. You want support down the road from all conservatives and the Republican Party, then lead now, because the party needs you. #WHEREISTRAVIS

Allen supporters – hurt, bitter and conspiratorial

Allen supporters are hurt, angry, and at a loss to understand this win by John Cox. We understand that. Those not involved in politics don’t always understand. When we put a good part of our lives into a candidate’s campaign, a loss will take time to process. This devastating beatdown came shortly after the polls closed, ending a supposed evening with destiny, filled with joy and celebration – David defeating Goliath!

Instead, shattered dreams… because they were led to ignore every data point showing a loss was coming. They were led to believe they would destroy Cox election night. They were led to believe the polls were wrong. They were led to believe there was no way Allen could lose. They were led astray.

They believed every mistruth, half-truth, and outright lie Allen made about Cox. Lies that linger as truths and their lack of understanding the loss, makes them angrier.

Frustration with a lack of understanding the ballot process is creating conspiracy theories of voter fraud. They’re demanding a recount despite a 16.3-percentage point difference that equates to over 900,000 votes. Their false belief of “establishment” RINOs conspiring to sabotage Allen, makes it unfathomable to believe conservatives would back Cox – but back him we did.

We don’t blame them, we’ve all been there, with losing campaigns, but the damage done may be irreparable. Unless Allen chooses to lead and unify his followers with Cox’s. However, he’s nowhere to be found. #WHEREISTRAVIS

Allen Acolyte, West Walker, in denial

I have compassion for Allen’s supporters but none for his staff. Specifically, “acolyte” West Walker, in charge of Field Operations, who continued to stoke the fires after the election. His acrimonious letter to the volunteers was nothing but a primitive defense mechanism, as was his Facebook post.

Travis Allen had 80% of the county endorsements, 85% of the Republican Organization endorsements, 100% endorsing TEA party, all 2nd amendment, border/immigration, MAGA groups and won all debates by huge margins. So what was your point>> oh the proxies that were bought. Listen, COX did not NOT get the GOP endorsement. He should have bowed out after he failed that since the counties did not support him. So he was able to get McCarthy -- and give Trump bad intel. We'll see how this plays out nationally because Trump WILL find out.

West Welker Post-Election Facebook Post

Walker let loose with half-truths and outright lies because someone chose to vote for Cox after the CAGOP endorsement vote clearly showed Cox as the party favorite despite neither candidate winning the endorsement. West’s response? Go off like a drunken sailor slurring stupidity and acting like Hillary Rodham Clinton’s staff did, after her shocking rout at the hands of President Donald Trump!

  • Allen had 80 percent of the county and 85 percent of the Republican organization endorsements. A handful of Republicans aren’t indicative of most Republicans and conservatives. My proof? Look at the county-by-county BEATDOWN Allen took where he was endorsed – BRUTAL! FYI – the San Diego County Republican Party did not endorse either candidate.
  • Allen had 100 percent endorsing Tea Party groups. Okay, but without the Tea Party California Caucus, the most influential in the state, this isn’t as significant as West makes it sound. San Diego County’s most active Tea Party group, the North County Conservatives endorsed John Cox. #STOPTHELIES.
  • Allen had MAGA group endorsements? Well, let’s be frank here, the MAGA man himself, President Donald Trump endorsed John Cox – that’s the only MAGA endorsement that matters! After this, party leaders began to individually come out and ask Allen to end his candidacy and back Cox.
  • Allen won all the debates by huge margins? Debate analysis and polls are opinions.
  • Cox did not receive the Republican Party endorsement and should’ve bowed out? Allen, after working months to secure it, didn’t either. It’s sheer stupidity to say Cox should’ve dropped out, especially after Cox easily defeated Allen at the convention AND election night!
  • The Kevin McCarthy conspiracy and giving Trump bad “intel.” The Allen camp is simply bitter since Allen lost the only endorsement he cared about. Denial and a speculative lie!

Some will say, Del Pilar, let it go, you’re not helping. Maybe, but someone must show the lunacy and idiocy of an Allen staff member continuing to stoke the fire to keep us from unifying. #WHEREISTRAVIS

Assemblyman Travis Allen emerges… sort of

It took Allen a couple of days to regroup and emerge to give his supporters the following message:

A HUGE THANK YOU to every one of the incredible California citizens who stood with me in the fight to TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA!! While the current result is not what we hoped for in this race, I am filled with immense pride for everything we accomplished and the UNPRECEDENTED army that united to save our state. While this chapter ends, the next chapter is just beginning. I'm already looking forward to the next round in our fight to TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA. For now, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!! ~ Travis Allen

Travis Allen thanks his supporters but no John Cox endorsement.

There was no unity message, but it wasn’t surprising. During trying times, the true nature of a man will emerge. Those of us thrust into leadership, willingly or unwillingly understand the weight of responsibility, the grind it puts us through. The heavy burden on our shoulders knowing the consequences of our decisions, affect others.

Right now, all I know of Travis Allen is the candidate, a man who took half-truths and made them mistruths and lies. I need to see a Travis Allen emerge that wants to end the bitterness, the hate and bring us together. I want to see Travis Allen, the leader. Right now, I continue to believe a leopard cannot change its spots. #WHEREISTRAVIS

It’s time to “man up” Travis

Those who care, “man up” – we follow through. We deal with aches and pain – whether physical or emotional after the responsibility of our jobs are complete and we hold ourselves accountable. Yes, we’re all human and losing, simply put, sucks but it’s time to “man up” Travis and be the leader you claim!

I’ve come to question Travis Allen’s leadership ability because I came to view him as a bully. Right now, like all bullies, after getting punched in the nose, he’s scurried away like a rat refusing to do what’s right – acknowledge a tough bitter fight and begin mending fences to move forward.

Jon Fleishman, of the Flash Report, a respected conservative, who I don’t know, but have heard speak at CAGOP convention seminars, said, “Travis is a good conservative and is my friend.” That’s not who I saw in the primary, but primaries have become “Cain and Abel” between party members, so I’ll take Fleishman’s word.

I urge him and others – talk to Travis. Bring the party together. Help John Cox rid the state of the violence, homelessness, poverty and high taxes leftists have given us that Gavin Newsom will expand. We barely have five months to convince all Californians to unite and make the Golden State the land where the American dream is once again attainable. #WHEREISTRAVIS


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  1. This is way premature, William.

    Endorsements are earned, not forced. I backed Cox over Allen (at the CRP convention and at the ballot box) but I do understand his supporters’ frustration. I also understand Allen’s frustration with California politics.

    Cox was the right choice this year but Allen can (and should have) a future in Republican politics. The responsibility is now on John Cox to bring Allen aboard his campaign. I am confident he will do so.

    Inlookers who voted for Travis Allen, I have been where you are. Please ask me why it makes sense to support John Cox this November

  2. Hey Brian! I don’t believe it’s “way premature,” but before I talk on that, endorsements are not just “earned,” they’re also strategic.

    One strategic reason is to bring the party together and I would suspect you know that as well, so I’m preaching to the choir. In my article, I didn’t say it, but Reagan came out to support Ford for strategic reasons, not because Ford had earned it. Reagan was angry at how the convention went down and other campaign tactics Ford exploited.

    As far as being premature? We have less than five months to unite:

    1. Conservatives
    2. Republicans
    3. Libertarians
    4. NPP
    5. Independents
    6. Register people to vote
    7. Democrats.
    8. Any other party I failed to mention.

    In political terms, five months is not much time, especially in a state as blue as California that views itself as the heart of the “resistance” toward Trump.

    In regards to Allen’s political future? That rests on Travis Allen and Travis Allen alone. How he learns from this loss to handle himself to the people and organizations that can help him win. How he changes campaign strategy and tactics in future runs, etc.

    That’s what will determine if he “should have,” a future. If he’s able to do that, he has a “YUGE” future because he has charisma and we all know, that’s a major factor in creating a strong, energetic grassroots base. Obama and Trump are models for that.

    I would also say that starts with him making private amends to those he attacked, including GOP leaders, John Cox, and others. Cox can reach out as well but I’m saying, we have to unite, plain and simple. We don’t have the luxury of continuing the battle amongst ourselves when there’s so much “blue” to overcome.

    As you’ve been there with a candidate’s losing campaign, I have as well. The last being Ted Cruz that left me bitter, but I voted for Trump and held my nose. It turned out to be the best vote I’ve ever made since my first Presidential election in 1984, for some guy named Reagan I think… 😉

    We’ll agree to disagree. Have a good one. 🙂

  3. To the inlookers who supported Travis Allen, let me applaud you on a hard fought campaign. Your frustrations with the CRP establishment are real, not conspiratorial.

    Please let me share with you that Cox was no darling of the CRP(e) when he was working with tea party conservatives after he moved here; Cox was fighting the CRP(e) by offering extraordinary reform ideas, designed to reduce the size and scope of government. The fact that he wooed many of the CRP(e) delegates and electeds is because he plugged away at them for 6 years.

    Moreover, I hope Travis sticks around and continues to fight for his principles. I think the more he pressures CRP(e) politicians and delegates, the more effective of a messenger he’ll become.

    I want to repeat this for emphasis; your frustrations are not a “conspiracy”. GOP politicians have been selling out Republican voters every election cycle. It is my true belief that Cox is not one of those guys.

    We need your votes. I hope we earn them in November

  4. The real question still is…#WhereisTravisAllen? Travis Allen did a lot to damage John Cox with every half-truth and lie he and /or his campaign told about John Cox. because of these, many of Travis Allen’s own supporters have believed that John Cox is the devil. There was not much integrity in Allen and his campaign with these.

    I want to see two things from Travis Allen.

    1) If he really does care about the people of California, the one thing would be for him to throw his support behind Cox and with Allen’s supporters, help him get elected this November.

    2) Now as for Travis Allen having a future in the Republican Party, before I see that, the other thing I want to see from Travis Allen is for him to become a better man.

  5. Hi All – just read the article and comments. As a Travis Allen supporter, I wanted to give my input. First to say I voted for Jerry Brown over rino Neel Kashkiri (oops, guess I better not ever run for public office). I supported Travis Allen for one reason – that he would provide California the best education system in the nation! Right now, this system ranks 47 out of 50 states – not acceptable.
    Yes, I was very disappointed at election results. However, I am now willing to support John Cox if he is willing to provide California with the best education system in the nation! Let’s not reinvent the wheel – John Cox needs to utilize the ‘The Travis Allen Education Plan’ – teamwork, right?
    Yet at the R meeting last night, all he talked about was economics, housing, jobs, etc.
    I talked to John Cox (R meeting) last night and he did ask me to email my ideas – this is my reply
    June 12, 2018
    TO: John Cox, Republican Candidate for CA Governor

    John, First I sincerely want you to win but you can’t unless you have a compelling message that would resonate with parents who are Democrats and Independents. Read my ideas (attached 2 pages) that were sent to Travis Allen, which he incorporated into his plan to provide California with the best education system in the nation! You really need to share his plan with the media/public and that you will implement it. Teamwork? This plan will also undoubtedly get you the votes you need to win against Gavin Newsom.
    Last night, after the Republican meeting, I talked to the store clerk at Vons. She was a Democrat black mother with a teenage son and was very frustrated with the school system causing her son to have trouble academically in school. She and millions of other parents are praying for a solution. I would have loved to give her some hope by telling her that if she votes for you, our state would get the best education system in the nation! It is in your hands!
    Lee Sandvick

  6. Here is today’s announcement from Travis Allen – leading the way. https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=travis%20allen

    For this year’s election, I decided I will vote for John Cox in the general election knowing that the polls are overwhelmingly in favor of Gavin Newsom. But I truly believe that the game plan initiated today by Travis Allen should get him into the Governor’s office in 2022.

    Travis’ action plan will be embraced by voters in ALL parties. His education plan will catapult our education ranking from 47 out of 50 up to the top 5. What parent, aunt, uncle or grandparent in their right would not vote for that!

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