What Donald Trump Gets That We Never Will

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Let me start off by saying that Donald Trump is the last Republican I want to hold office; I think he’s a con-man.  I also want to acknowledge that, while we bicker on this blog, there are some really smart people here.  Now, let me tell you something you might not want to here:

We just don’t count.

Seriously, we don’t.  The American electorate doesn’t want to talk about the things we do here.  They want to pursue happiness and they just want a government that looks out for them.  Watch this 90-second explanation of “the Genius of Donald Trump” by Chris Matthews.

Either we have a country or we don’t.  That’s what Trump is saying.

Trump reminds me of the big city mayors from last century:  Rizzo in Philly, Koch in New York, Daley in Chicago, and Flynn in Boston.   Larger than life in personality, Machiavellian in politics, and achievement driven in practice.  If you want to get a good insight to these personalities, watch “Boss” on Netflix.

Center-right voters are pissed at Republicans and the Democrats give them absolutely no alternative (except maybe Jim Webb).   They don’t want to hear about policies, don’t trust Hillary, and want someone to lead…. like a big city Mayor does.

A year ago, I privately shared that I thought Christie would fill that space but Trump sucked all the air out of the room because he dared to discuss that which Republicans were advised not to discuss; illegal immigration.

I often tell candidates that my opinion doesn’t matter.  I, like so many of you reading and writing on this blog, love talking about principles, policy, and politics.  My neighbors don’t.  They just want to someone to look out for them.

Donald Trump is going to be the Mayor of America, whether you like it or not.


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  1. Yes, Trump is a con-man. The biggest in recent history. And I agree: we don’t count–not the way we should, anyway.

    And right again, “the American electorate [don’t] want to talk about the things we do here.’ They’d rather text each other and watch reality TV.

    That’s why we’re on the verge of getting a reality TV host for a president.

    But Trump most definitely does not care about whether we have a country. Not a whit. The only thing Trump cares about is getting what he wants.

    Trump is an utterly unprincipled, highly opportunistic, egomaniacal demagogue–nothing more, nothing less. He is the antithesis of what our Founders had hoped for in American leaders and people.

    Ultimately, it is the stupidification of the American people that is responsible for the rise of Trump. We are responsible. We have allowed ourselves to become an ignorant and apathetic herd of sheep who now equate Jefferson’s “Happiness” with pleasure–i.e., immediate sensory gratification.

    We deserve everything we get.

  2. Trump- He is the intransigent and disaffected bile that oozes from the pustule of a floundering and festering Establishment that gives us a Trump figure…so, what will it be??…the unscrupulous and predator-enabling Hillary or the Cure-All Wonder-Tonic salesman Trump?

    I’m stupefied that out of a nation of 350 million people, this is all the cat can cough up….remarkable.

    If Trump wins, he’d be like watching a 4 year Monster Truck car crash….and “Shrillary would be like listening to a child scratch her nails on a chalkboard for 4 years…I’ll take the truck crash.

    If Trump is serious about sticking it to the Chinese, the Mexican government, the Russians and the Iranians, then that would at least be fun to watch. 

  3. Post
  4. Laughing!

    That would be “general public.”

    Talk about a Freudian slip!

    You might say I missed the right word “by a hair.”

  5. Thanks for that one, Craig. Gotta remember that the next time I mistype “public” (I’ve done it before).

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