SD Rostra

What did they know, when did they know it?

The events around Carlos Marquez should give labor and the left a moment of pause in their quest to gerrymander the City of San Diego. It’s fairly clear from a number of conversations I’ve been privy to that the failure of the judges to do due diligence in selecting committee members is a likely winner in court and a reason to restart the process. It’s also likely that Mr. Marquez will either resign within a few days or he will further discredit the commission and give any ballot box solution a cause célèbre.  Either way works for me.

But really labor, and perhaps some of their dear friends at Empower San Diego should ask themselves: If we don’t start doing the right thing “what’s the next shoe to drop?” Did other commissioners know that Marquez didn’t live in San Diego and joke about it? Who knows. Did they have conversations down at Empower San Diego that would prove embarrassing on the front page of the Union Tribune? Who knows. Has labor had contacts with commissioners that one would consider odd if you read about it in the newspaper or saw it on the TVnews? Who knows. Were there some very loose lips at a local eatery a few months ago, where there was no expectation of privacy, talking about the whole plan from start to finish, naming names and really sounding very Dr. Evil? Who knows.

Who knows. Maybe there’s not even another shoe. But in my experience shoes come in pairs.

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