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Launch of San Diego Rostra –

In an effort to provide original commentary and breaking news to the San Diego-area political community, Mighty Thor and a host of other contributors announce the launch of a new local weblog, San Diego Rostra –

San Diego Rostra is a forum wherein news and opinion, usually from the perspective of the center-right, can be read, discussed, and debated. Site Moderator Mighty Thor also invites well-reasoned opinions from across the political spectrum.

The contributors are San Diego County insiders, activists and elected officials who will be able to provide readers with a glimpse into area politics going beyond that found in newspapers and other sources. San Diego Rostra’s contributors make up a cross-section of political activists and insiders. The growing “blogpen” currently includes:

In the last few years, the success of other local blogs have in some cases given way to ownership changes and site redesigns that made them more effective for national level content.  Alternatively, will focus on politics in the local San Diego area from a Republican and conservative perspective, with an accessible format for ease of use by contributors and commenters alike.

We look forward to a forum of re-energized discussion at

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