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Voepel Joins “New Way California” Republicans In Vote To Declare June As “LBGT Pride Month”

Do you remember when Chad Mayes and Arnold Schwarzennegger established the “New Way California” group to fundamentally change the CAGOP platform and message?

“New Way California is a movement that seeks to put people above political parties and unite Californians along the common interests of individual freedom, shared responsibility, educational excellence, environmental stewardship, efficient government and an open economy,”

The group was basically a push back for the heat Mayes and Assemblyman Rocky Chavez took for raising wholesale taxes through the Cap and Trade extension.  Apparently, the group has another mission and every single San Diego Republican Assembly member joined in with them; push back on the CAGOP platform’s support for traditional marriage.  Thus, the San Diego Assembly members voted with the California Legislative LGBT Caucus to direct the Governor to declare every June “LGBT Pride Month“.

“The California Legislature established the first and largest Legislative LGBT Caucus. California is home to over forty LGBT Pride celebrations. Pride Month is incredibly important to the LGBT community and I stand with the rest of the LGBT Caucus members to see that Pride Month becomes part of California history and is recognized every year in June.”

This doesn’t bother me at all.  If I were an Assembly member, I would abstain from silly bills like this and other bills which seek to divide Californians.  With roads crumbling, thousands of California high seniors rejected from UC schools , in favor of foreign and out-of-state students, and an insufficient water inffrastructure, I’d spend more time working on those issues rather than playing the politics of balkanization.  I’d probably upset the LBGT and Christian caucuses but there is much more important work to be done.

But it might bother the voters to whom Randy Voepel makes promises, especially the Christian Conservatve’s Voter Guide  or the pro-family organizations in the Family Voter Guide.  Voepel’s East County Assembly District is one of the most socially conservative in the state.  The District who elected Duncan Hunter, Brian Jones, and Joel Anderson, is being asked to re-elect a freshman Assembly member who voted for LGBT Pride Month and refused to oppose the ban on sexual orientation counseling.

Maybe Christian Conservatives should vote for another Republican next month.

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