Watkins Madness

Vito Andolini Vito Andolini


Since I wrote on September 20 about the travails of Bob Watkins, the misunderstood and mystified (his word, that second one) Airport Authority chairman has met with Mayor Jerry Sanders and admitted his failure to disclose potential conflicts of interest.  A Sanders’ blessing followed, with the understanding that Watkins would amend his financial reports and clean up his act.

Yet, following the Sanders meeting, the news reports continue to pile up.  Multiple businesses operating in conflict of zoning laws out of a property near the airport, a lack of business licenses, and failure to pay taxes.

Bob, this isn’t a Meg Whitman-esqe “I was too busy to vote because I was spending time with my family” sort of thing.  Yes, I know that important, busy people sometimes are too crazed to see all the details.  That’s typically why they have good attorneys and accountants to address the details, so they don’t get in these messes.

What’s your excuse?  At this point, Bob, you are not only embarrassing the region, but we are all embarrassed for you.  You actually think we believe you “didn’t know” and that you are shocked by all the media scrutiny.  Puh-leaze.

Bob, your position on the Airport Authority is a direct result of your success and accomplishments as a businessman.  Like it or not, as a public official, you must live by a higher standard.  That means being above reproach.

Quite simply, you are nowhere near.  Please stop the madness.