Shelia Jackson supports Lorie Zapf for City Council

Vito Andolini Vito Andolini


OK, not really.

Yet, if you read the Voice article this morning about supervisorial candidate Shelia Jackson’s home foreclosure, her words stand out a bit:

Jackson said her foreclosure shouldn’t affect her campaign.

“There are several people in this economic climate who have gone through that process,” she said. “If no one who went through that process was qualified, then a lot of people couldn’t run.”

The foreclosure also shouldn’t cast doubt on her financial management of the school district or county, she said.

Jackson called personal and district finances “two totally different budgets.” School districts that have had to close facilities during the economic downturn overreached during better times as well, she said.

She said her foreclosure allowed her to have a better understanding of economic troubles experienced by her constituents.