UPDATED: Congressman thinks Guam might capsize

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In a hearing, Democrat Congressman Hank Johnson expresses his sincere concern that too many people on tiny Guam might cause the island to capsize. Trust me — this video is worth three minutes out of your life.


This is such a literally unbelievable video that initially I suspected it was an April Fools hoax. I Googled the guy and checked his photo on his official website. Same dude. And CBS News did report the incident (“report” with the usual liberal bias — see below).

Some apologists will try to excuse the Congressman because they think he is on drugs. But I consider that conjecture a scurrilous insult — to druggies everywhere.

This demonstration should give pause to those who look to Congress to run our lives. But it won’t.

Indeed, I’ll be interested to see how the MSM handles this. Thanks to the Internet, I think that they WILL have to report and show the incident. Or not, as it turns out.

CBS News has posted the video and it’s printed whitewash of the incident, buying into Johnson’s later statement that he was speaking “metaphorically.”


But if you watch the full video, you quickly can tell that the guy is drunk, on drugs, demented AND really felony stooopid.

[Here’s what I wrote on the CBS comment website concerning their “story.”

Many thanks, CBS, for publishing your expected whitewash of Johnson’s folly. You’ve once again verified what knowledgeable political observers have known for decades — your blatant liberal bias.

As I distribute the original Johnson video, I’ll be including a link to your remarkable “news story” to give you the proper credit for your lack of objectivity.

Any sane person watching the 3 minute video can see that Congressman Johnson is drunk as a skunk and/or high as a kite. Surely he is not that incoherent 24/7.

Or maybe he is. One thing’s for sure — CBS would never report it if it were so.]

I wonder if a review of CBS’s reporting on Palin’s infamous remark (that she did NOT make) that “she could see Russia from her backyard” would find that CBS similarly dismissed as inconsequential her assertion (which, I repeat, she did NOT make). Of course, my wondering is a rhetorical rumination. We know the answer, don’t we?

This incident occurred on, I believe, 26 March. The video was posted on YouTube several times on 31 March, and has been viewed well over a million times.

Yet as of this moment (3 April, Saturday morning at 10 AM), digging ten pages down in Google finds no sign that this story appeared on NBC, ABC, CNN, KPBS, or MSNBC. Or in the WASHINGTON POST, NY TIMES, LA TIMES, or the WALL ST JOURNAL (which, oddly enough, has a very liberal news department). Or, for that matter, has the story made it to the SAN DIEGO UNION.

BTW, an interesting sidelight is that the navy admiral answering the Congressman’s question of concern doesn’t choose to point out to the Congressman that Johnson’s concern is somewhat overblown. These wooden military testifiers before Congress — the leaders of our military — are too often pathetic toadies who dare not offend their mighty masters.

I wish I had been that admiral! What a great chance to blast the Congressman (and Congress) (as one retires immediately thereafter). I can almost guarantee that the admiral could have earned himself a seat in Congress on the spot. Perhaps even President!


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