DeMaio to Present Plan for “Better Infrastructure Without Tax Hikes”

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San Diego – Can San Diego rebuild its crumbling infrastructure without a massive tax hike that some city leaders are pushing? Carl DeMaio says the answer is YES – and will lay out how to achieve better infrastructure without tax hikes in a major speech today.

Carl DeMaio will be the keynote speaker today at the San Diego Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA). APWA represents government and private sector leaders who work in building and maintaining public infrastructure projects — ranging from roads and sewers to major public buildings.

“For years I have pushed to make infrastructure repair and maintenance a priority, and I’m pleased city leaders now realize the importance of rebuilding our city,” DeMaio says. “San Diegans should be wary of current proposals to borrow or tax our way out of this problem,” DeMaio warns.

“We need to fundamentally reform how our infrastructure is managed, or we risk throwing good money after bad,” DeMaio says.

DeMaio will lay out a five-point agenda for reforming infrastructure:

1) Fiscal Reforms to Generate Infrastructure Funding

2) Public Input and Accountability

3) Improved Long-Range Planning and Integrated Development Strategies

4) Streamlining Infrastructure Project Management

5) Public-Private Partnerships

DeMaio is hoping city leaders will examine reforms as part of any possible package to be put before voters in coming years. DeMaio also says he intends to take an active part in any campaign to address San Diego’s infrastructure challenges.


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  1. Todd Gloria brought up the fact that it will take $900,000 (which they don’t have) to repair all the potholes in the county.

    Seems like a lot of money. in times of crisis, it calls for extraordinay solutions.
    Instead of a tax hike – I have 2 ideas to solve it.

    (1) – on the streets with potholes, get the residents organized. Pick a Sat where those people would volunteer their time on their own street, with the assist of one city worker (and equipment) experienced in rebuilding potholes. the cost of the materials would be shared by all the neighbors, there you go.
    (2) – get the assist of the able bodied welfare, food stamp recipients. Say for every $50 they receive from the city,county,state,federal gov’t – they in turn volunteer for one hour. there must be about a million people in the county that would qualify.
    again – organize a work party to fill the potholes.
    Would the city/county run with either of these 2 solutions? If not, I want to know why not.

  2. thanks for making me smile Richard. yet we still have a deficit.

    It appears that unless our City Council members get some commonsense, their only solution is more govt spending with higher taxes,
    If Todd Gloria keeps insisting on more gov’t spendihng and higher taxes to pay for it , I hope he gets voted out next election.

    But I don’;t have much hope for that since I believe he endorsed Pamela Benssousan for Chula Vista City Council.
    Pamela is recognized as the leading advocate for ICLEI aka Smart Growth –

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