UC-Irvine MSA Suspended: A Milestone in the Battle Against Islamo-fascism

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UC-Irvine MSA Suspended: A Milestone in the Battle Against Islamo-fascism

After a year filled with anti-Israel sentiments at University of California campuses, society can find solace in UC-Irvine’s decision to punish its Muslim Student Union. On June 14, 2010, an AP piece revealed that the infamous UCI “11,” MSU hecklers that disrupted Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren’s speech in February, were convicted of charges ranging from disorderly conduct to obstruction of university activities. The MSU’s antics subsequently resulted in their year-long suspension at the University of California campus effective till August 31, 2011.

An action like that taken by University of California at Irvine’s administration allows other pro-Israel proponents to gain confidence that influence by a radical Muslim group will be repelled. My campus, University of California at San Diego (UCSD), arguably faced similar, if not worse, attacks as well. UCSD toiled with a divestment bill brought before the Associated Students by Students for Justice in Palestine, which propagated divestment from companies investing in Israel for its “human rights violations” and “occupier status.” Matters only got worse as this group partnered with the Muslim Student Association to hold their annual “Apartheid Week.”

Prior to hosting David Horowitz at UC-San Diego, I did not know that his scheduled appearance would coincidence with “Hitler Youth Week.” This opportunity would allow for conservatives and pro-Israel advocates alike to have their perspective presented during this despicable week. With Horowitz’s visit to a “politically-apathetic campus” like UCSD, the hidden liberal bias emerged before the populace there during the Q&A section of Horowitz’s lecture. The spine-chilling remark made by former UCSD MSA officer Jumanah Albarhi confirmed her support of Hamas, a sentiment shared by other radical Muslim groups nationwide. As a result, the Islamofascists running rampant at UCSD were exposed on national television through Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity, as with commentary from conservative newspapers, magazines, and blogs.

Outcry to this girl’s comment is necessary, as the incident has been taken lightly by the university’s administration. To agree with the notion of rounding up all the Jews to Israel to have them meet their untimely death justifies that people like Albahri should be monitored. She later wrote a letter-to-the editor to UCSD’s The Guardian, whining that my organization, Young Americans for Freedom and our ally Tritons for Israel—a group that reneged their support for Horowitz’s appearance—owed her an apology for causing her distress. On May 27th, the editorial board of this “esteemed” newspaper claimed that Jewish students have every right to feel threatened on campus by the Muslim Student Association.

Ignorance of radical Islam will breed contempt and the continual appeasement to groups that counteract the United States, its allies, and its principles. More must follow suit to expose these groups.


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