Twenty Libertarian Statements from Piper Smith

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1- Republicans never net decrease the size of government.

2- Democrats promote counterproductive economic policy.

3- Trump isn’t stupid, he’s just another sub-par sociopath in chief.

4- Most of your ‘political views’ were formed by your parents’ ignorance and/or propaganda from the state and corporations.

5- Social media is making you dumber and less happy.

6- You use euphemisms to make yourself feel better about a lot of immoral realities. (Spanking is hitting, taxation is theft, war is a racket, Bush, Obama, Clinton, & Trump are a lot more alike than they are different)

7- You shouldn’t give two shits about national politics, you should put that energy into the local arena where you can actually influence change.

8- Baby boomers are completely reliant upon millennials working shitty jobs today to fund their social security checks tomorrow and couldn’t care less about the immorality of this fact.

9- You need to hire an attorney to accomplish damn near anything in a strong and effective manner these days.

10-Americans unknowingly commit several felonies a day.

11- Banking moguls & bureaucrats you’ve never heard of before residing in un-elected positions of departments and agencies you’re not familiar with control the most truly influential policy decisions; you have no control over them and never will.

12- You’re not saving/investing enough money.

13- Law enforcement is mostly security theater when it comes to your individual protection.

14- No law will ever stop or slow the frequency of mass shootings in the US.

15- Not all cops are bad.

16- Most teachers are paid a perfectly adequate wage considering the number of hours they work yearly.

17- Not everything is a ‘false flag’ and claiming so makes you look stupid; the state is perfectly willing to take advantage of any ‘naturally occurring’ tragedy that can be spun to their advantage.

18- LGBT Americans are valid; your understanding is not required.

19- Burgers taste best when sourced from local, grass fed sacred cows.

20- I hope you have a fantastic day!  🤗

Piper Smith is an Air Force veteran,  the Founder and Director of Armed Equality,  and is the 2018 San Diego County Gun Owners Member of the Year.  Armed Equality is building a strong and inclusive community of diverse individuals who seek the skills needed to defend their lives. Armed Equality is dedicated to the defense and protection of all Americans, from all walks of life; especially targeted minorities.   Follow Armed Equality on Facebook

Originally posted on Facebook and republished with permission from the author.


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