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Turko’s follow up to the Spring Valley storm drain mess

KUSI News - San Diego, CA

Guest Commentary
by Hector R. Gastelum

KUSI’s crusading reporter Michael Turko ran a followup story on an earlier problem with a leaking storm drain in Spring Valley. This one is both very sad and absolutely infuriating, as Turko reports in “From Bad to Worse.”

The homeowners from the previous story (see “It Is What It Is” on Rostra) were seeking help from County Supervisor Dianne Jacob for a massive drain pipe leak under their house.  The howeowners, not surprisingly, believed that it was the responsibility of the County since the water flowing through the pipes is from public streets.

But Supervisor Dianne “It Is What It Is” Jacob and the San Diego County bureaucrats refuse to take action to solve the problem. The most recent story about the family shows the cost of this governmental indifference. Their home has become uninhabitable and they are forced to move out.  The interview is almost too painful to watch at points.

But Supervisor Jacob has more sympathy for bureaucrats than taxpayers.  As Turko points in this and other stories, many cities in the county face similar challenges. San Diego and Escondido, for example, take decisive steps to protect homeowners.

Jacob seems to have endless sympathy for protecting the pensions of county employees and helping the downtown insiders that continually bankroll her campaigns. If only she had the same concern for homeowners harmed by County ineptitude.

After 24 years in office, I suppose she’s figured out who her real friends are. (Hint: it’s not the taxpayers.)

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