Time for the Republican Party to Unify Behind Randy Voepel

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“Santee is a great success story. When it comes to leading by example and upholding conservative principles, there is no better candidate than Randy Voepel.” — Bill Baber, Councilman, City of La Mesa.

“In Santee, we have proven that conservative government policies work!”
– Randy Voepel, Mayor of Santee

Santee Mayor Randy Voepel – The Only Candidate With A Proven Conservative Track Record:

Most Efficient Government
By contracting out many city services and maintaining a small staff, Santee has the highest ratio of citizens-to-employees.

Best Business Climate
A study published in the Union-Tribune showed that Santee had the quickest processing time and lowest fees for permitting.

Lowest Pension Obligations
As a result of efficient staffing and long-term planning, Santee has the lowest pension obligations in the region.

…that’s why Randy Voepel has earned the support of conservative leaders we trust!

Brian Jones – 71st Assembly District
Joel Anderson – 38th Senate District
Devon Mathis, 26th Assembly District
Chad Mayes, 42nd Assembly District
Ling Ling Chang, 55th Assembly District
Shannon Grove, 34th Assembly District
Marie Waldron, 75th Assembly District
Jim Patterson, 23rd Assembly District
Jeff Stone, 28th Senate District
Mike Morrell, 23rd Senate District
Bill Wells – Mayor, City of El Cajon
Star Bales – Councilmember, City of El Cajon
Gary Kendrick – Councilmember, City of El Cajon
Bob McClellan – Councilmember, City of El Cajon
Ronn Hall – Councilmember, City of Santee
John Minto – Councilmember, City of Santee
Rob McNelis – Councilmember, City of Santee
Justin Slagle – President, Cajon Valley School District
Ken Fox – Member, Santee School District
Doug Wilson – President, Padre Dam Water District
Bill Pommering – Director, Padre Dam Water District
Bill Baber – Councilmember, City of La Mesa
Ruth Sterling – Councilmember, City of La Mesa
Jim Kelly, Grossmont High School District
Rob Shield, Grossmont High School District
Dr. Gary Woods, Grossmont High School
Deputy Sheriffs’ Association of San Diego County


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  1. However, this shouldn’t have been written by him. Self-congratulations are awkward at best.

    Smacks of Jeb telling people to clap after his speech.

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