SD Rostra

This Isn’t Right

I thought a long while before writing this post. I lived with Mayor Sander’s position on gay marriage. Gave him a pass, for the good of party unity. I was pretty upset with his position on the Arizona law, but largely kept my mouth shut. But this sales tax increase is just too much.

The one thing that holds the center right together is a general understanding that tax increases are not the answer to government spending. Anyone who has even a passing familiarity with the City of San Diego budget knows they haven’t really dug in to cut. Multi-million dollar arts budgets, staff for various meaningless commissions and committees, it goes on and on. But, the simple truth is, the ‘establishment’ likes government subsidies for their pet projects (like the wildlife park that the City of Chula Vista runs when they can’t manage to balance their budget, or Supervisor Pam Slater’s endless giving of taxpayer money to the arts that very few but she and her friends enjoy), but of course like other people to pick up the tab.

What I can’t for the life of me figure out is why the Voice or the UT, with their superior budgets and ‘investigative reporters’, have not appeared to actually dig into the budget itself to really find out if there is waste. Hell, there are a hundred ways to do this. Open up the books, get a couple City Hall experts, and let a few people, from both right and left run wild. After all, labor has an interest in this… at the end of the day they lose their jobs because of waste and pay the higher taxes. Anyone?

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