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The use of Humor brought Laughs AND Votes in 2010 … Here are the Best San Diego County examples

Humor is a welcome change-of-pace at Election Time. Here are the best two San Diego examples your correspondent saw in 2010.  (Readers may submit their faves).  The Lorie Zapf camp targeted pensions, showing foe Howard Wayne reading a news story about his vote for  a State pension bill (SB 400)  in 1999.  A 2008 Union-Tribune article  on that vote was also quoted.

Meanwhile, 1960s pop culture visited Supervisor Bill Horn’s North County district, with foe Steve Gronke labeled “The Tax Man” on a vintage LP vinyl record.  Supporting info detailed a host of Gronke votes to raise Vista city fees and charges, and all fitting into the lyric pattern of “The Tax Man” story made famous by the great George Harrison:

“If You use the Trash, He’ll want more  more Cash  ……. If you’ve got a  Pet, Expect more Debt ….. If you Go on Line, You’ll Pay a Fine………If You’ve got to Go,  He’ll tax you so.” Examples of related Vista city council votes were listed, along with their dates and agenda numbers.

Back in SD City Council 6, meanwhile,  Howard Wayne was faulted for not recusing himself from voting on a 1999 State bill,  “to increase benefits for the pension system that he was already a part of.”  The Zapf mailer stated the cost of the bill to taxpayers was some $3 Billlion.  Wayne was then a State Assemblyman, and on leave from from his lengthy stint as a Deputy state Attorney General.  After being term-limited, he eventually returned to that role.

……………………………………. The  Role of  Humor  in 2010

Lorie Zapf and Bill Horn went on to win tough, competitive races (52% for Councilwoman Zapf over tenacious Howard Wayne, and 53% for Supervisor Bill Horn v.  Councilman Steve Gronke ).  The use of Humor  in these races significantly  aided their ultimate hard-won triumphs.  And that is no joke!

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