The Steve Danon Race for Supervisor – Restoring The Public Trust

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During the past few years, public trust in government has deteriorated—and rightfully so. Leaders at all levels of government have thrown fiscal restraint out the window and prioritized their own political interests above the public good. And frankly it makes the job much harder for those of us who haven’t!

Now, more than ever, we need candidates for office who promise to restore public confidence in our elected officials.

Fortunately, the voters of the Third District in the race for County Board of Supervisors have the opportunity to vote for such a candidate this November.

Steve Danon is that candidate. Not only does he have a platform that will reform the way our county government conducts business, but he has the experience and record to assure us that he can deliver on his promises.

To begin with, Danon has promised to eliminate the $5 million slush fund that county supervisors use to play political favorites in their districts. These are taxpayer dollars that County Supervisor’s currently have the discretion to spend on any programs or services they desire—without accountability, transparency, or a vote.

Steve knows this is not a responsible use of hard-earned tax dollars. He knows that government services and projects should be implemented based on merit—not political favoritism.

Danon has also called for a regional Ethics Commission that would hold our elected officials accountable for breaches of the public trust. The committee would act as the public’s watchdog and enforcer, adding greater transparency and accountability to government.

Danon’s outline for reform is crucial. Yet, his campaign platform has multiple planks.

As someone who founded his own small business and gained experience working in both the private and public sectors, Danon has developed a thorough understanding of the requirements for job creation and growth.

That’s why he plans to cut red-tape for job creators and reduce the 5-10 year time period it takes to relocate or expand a local business. Alone, these two impediments to job creation have stunted significant job growth for our region.

Beyond that, Danon also opposes any increases in taxes or fees. His opponent in this race, meanwhile, has consistently voted in favor of fee increases in Solana Beach to balance a budget. Danon knows that the last thing small businesses and working families need is a tax or fee increase and he’ll stop at nothing to ensure the County budget isn’t balanced on the backs of taxpayers.

Don’t take my word for it. I am not the only local leader to endorse Steve Danon’s campaign for Supervisor. I’ve been joined by dozens of other community leaders and organizations we trust. The list includes the mayors of every city in the district including San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, and both the Union-Tribune and North County Times newspapers. Danon is also Law Enforcement’s choice, and is endorsed by the Deputy Sheriffs Association and San Diego Police Officers Association.

I have great confidence that, once elected, Steve Danon and his pro-reform, pro-job growth platform will become a role model for good governance.


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  1. Rino, do I know you? I don’t know Jerome. I do know Steve Danon. None better. None. I’ll terminate my Cal PI license and smash my retired badge if that is not the case. I don’t hide behind a moniker and I fear no political hack in this county.

    Slater needed to change her high gloss lipstick. Danon will be top dog on the board. As I am a retired County Badge, I am vested in this county. Big time. As a veteran, I want the military brotherhood looked after.

    Roberts and Cox are not veterans. However they, like Danon, respect our service. Bill is Semper Fi, what can I say but HOOAH. The UVC will concur. Danon has done so much for the UVC, as Roberts staffer that I can only SHOUT OUT. Danon is our man. Roberts, Horn and Cox are the best. Best for the County, best for the Vet.

  2. “I fear no political hack in this county.”

    Consider Thor scared. Very scared. Especially the “PI-badge-countybadge-veteran-military-brotherhood-Hooah” part.


  3. Speaking for myself, anyone associated with Jerome Stocks is only increasing the distrust of government, not restoring any trust.

    Why Danon would choose someone so shady, who’s skeletons have finally escaped the closet so clearly to be involved in his campaign shows a serous lack of judgement.

    It should come as no surprise when Jerome is voted out on election day, just as it will come as no surprise when his hit mail pieces land in our mailboxes the week before the election.


  4. Eddie, I couldn’t agree more with your pre-election views on Stocks, and Steve Danon, by extension. It is now post-election and your forecasting was most accurate.

    Encinitas voters smacked Jerome Stocks around like a narc at a biker rally, yet still his poison pen continues attacking those who had beaten him. This is the kind of man he is, and it largely flew below the radar of most citizens here until the past four years. He became condescending with power. Yeah, one of those kind of guys.

    Steve Danon, you may well have won this election but for your naive choice of aligning yourself with Jerome Stocks, one of the most disliked and divisive pols ever to grace the San Diego County political scene. But I’m sure you know that by now. You handicapped yourself hugely. Better luck next time. You can tell a lot about someone by who they hang around with, my mom used to tell me. Que lastima.

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