The Republican Club of North County Endorses Steve Danon for Supe!

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The Steve Danon for 3rd District San Diego County Supervisor campaign continues to build momentum.

When Steve started out last year many questioned his strategy of starting so early for a 2012 race.  But based upon the team he’s assembled so far, including Tom Shepard as his consultant (He previously worked for the incumbent… I wonder what, if anything, that should tell us?), and Karolyn Dorsee as fundraiser just to name a couple, and the growing list of endorsements garnered to date which includes:

Father Joe Carroll, Congressman Brian Bilbray, California State Senator Joel Anderson, Encinitas Mayor James Bond, County School Board Member Susan Hartley, Encinitas Deputy Mayor and Chairman of SANDAG Jerome Stocks, former Mayor Christy Guerin (Encinitas), Encinitas Councilwoman Kristin Gaspar the Deputy Sheriffs’ Association of San Diego County representing more than 2,400 sheriff deputies,  Escondido Police Officers’ Association and the Peace Officers Research Association of California representing more than 62,000 public safety personnel and others.

And this new news just in: “The Republican Club of North County”, Don McKinney President, has endorsed Steve Danon for San Diego County Supervisor.

It looks like Steve had it right. By getting out to an early start he’s showing impressive momentum, working hard, and working smart.

 For more information regarding Steve Danon for County Supervisor, you can visit his website at


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  1. The bile is pushing to the tip of Wonkburger’s tongue and it tastes like so much half-chewed Jumbo Jack. Danon hires consultants! Whoopee! Like any garbologist or bean-counter, Shepard and Dorsee lick the boots of the highest bidder. Danon gathers endorsements! Whoopee! The list includes cover models from Sleaze magazine. To name a few: His carpet-bagging boss, Brian Bilbray; his underling, Christy Guerin, and two of her out-of-touch former chums from the Encinitas City Council (Steve: Why’d you remove Free Range Danny Dalager from the list?); Sen. Joel “I could really use a bean counter” Anderson; and now Don “How does this spell check thing work?” McKinney! All this ado about Danon, a Congressional staffer who never seems to be in DC, where he belongs, and a zero-time-winner who lost to Surfer Girl Donna Frye after carpet-bagging his way into her City Council district. Wonkburger is bracing for a long spell of dyspepsia.

  2. Supervisor Slater-Price’s campaign committee reported over $300,000 cash-on-hand in its latest filing (through 12/31/2010).

    If the consultants you mentioned really were motivated only by finances, they would want to be on that team, rather than with a challenger like Steve Danon. That is one reason it was/is newsworthy.

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