The Progressives Are Coming! The Progressives Are Coming! Oh Wait, They’re Already Here

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I do not think there has been a week where I have not been bombarded by a CALPIRG representative on Library Walk at UCSD. It seems like I’m quite the appropriate prey for them: a student minding their own business, not giving a care, and just trying to get to her classes without any distractions. Just as I have hopes that they will attack another unsuspecting student, the CALPIRG representative and I cross paths. Little do they know that I am aware of the tactics they pull: putting on a nice façade to give off an approachable edge, making the endless plea for education reform on campus, and the fact that I, the student, can make such a wholehearted difference if I contribute five dollars of my precious, albeit nonexistent, personal savings to their “worthy” cause. Yet, I have built up great defenses against these vermin. The solution: politely tell them to bug off and say that my funds do not support progressivism.

Why does this rather annoying organization exist in the first place, and for what premise really? Well, CALPIRG is first and foremost an organization. They have various outlets in universities, like the chapter here at our campus, nationwide. Their mission statement entails the following sentiment: “When corporate wrongdoing threatens our health or our safety, or violates fundamental principles of fairness and justice, CALPIRG stands up for the public.” By the looks of it, CALPIRG obviously finds capitalism in the form of corporate “mishandling” wrong and will seize the opportunity to rid of capitalism and vie for redistribution of wealth. Additionally, CALPIRG is tailored to various progressive aspects spelled out through so-called health care reform, transforming Wall Street, the California high-speed rail system that will waste California taxpayers billions of dollars, so-called budget reform, and other shady maneuvers labeled efforts that will better our state and nation. At this rate, this nonprofit wants to make students into their puppets arguing for Obama’s change that many Americans so ardently do not like. By appearing to be avid about change and making California a better, more radically transformed place, they will sadly achieve their objective and undermine America further.

You never hear of a conservative or Republican college student or person getting involved in CALPIRG. It is obviously a liberal organization appealing to liberal sentiments. contributor Steven Crowder “applied” for a position with CALPIRG, where after doing investigative work, he found it to promote its cause on the worst liberal premise imaginable. He exposed the liberal entity as a hypocritical one, where it was uncovered that those trained and retrofitted with the nonprofit organization are fully compensated for their “generous, selfish efforts to better society.” Liberals claim that conservative efforts epitomize “Astroturf,” although they are the ones who espouse this quality by masquerading their mission statement of cultivating activists when they rather brew left-wing lobbyists.

CALPIRG should not go uncovered. Be aware of its guiles and traps for it will make any conservative or right-leaning individual go nuts!


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  1. Your story brings back memories of my encounters with CALPIRG long, long ago at SDSU. They wanted to get money from students through registrations, under a negative checkoff system. If you didn’t explicitly decline it, you’d pay an extra fee to CALPIRG on top of your registration fees.

    I and some other Libertarians had a good deal of fun exposing the dubious nature of this defeated proposal, a marketing trick to get money from unwary students.

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