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I know I’ve been making a big stink about the SD City Council District 6 race and it looks like with good reason. I haven’t seen the Sheriff’s disclosure yet (you need to get it in person at the Registrar of Voters), but unless there are some real shockers in that it looks like the 6th District has the most interesting disclosures this filing period.

Leading the pack with no surprises is Howard Wayne with about $46,500 cash on hand and $8,500 in unpaid debts, most of which is a $7,000 loan to himself. Following behind him is Lorie Zapf with about $19,200 cash on hand and about $4,800 in unpaid debts, most of which is to her consultants with no loans made. A distant third is going to be Ryan Huckabone, raising about $1,900 and spending about $1,300 for this period from what I understand, although his postings are only available in person so I might be a bit off. I am pretty sure Huckabone will end with about $2,900 cash on hand, but I’m not sure how much of that is loans  from himself. That is where the somewhat normal stops and the hysterical begins.

Kim Tran is fourth with $650 cash on hand left over from a $4,000 loan from herself with no other money raised in this period. Steve Hadley is coming in last on my list with $1,800 cash on hand. Now, you might be saying “But Sunshine, $1,800 is bigger than Tran’s $650 and might be higher than Huckabone if you’re off about his leftovers”, and that is true, BUT Hadley has over $7000 in unpaid bills on top of $15,500 in personal loans giving him over $22,000 in debt!

This raises some very interesting questions for everyone! First, will the voters and the business community just allow Wayne to be handed the seat or will they realize spending a few hundred dollars now might save them thousands down the road? Can Zapf afford to put some of her own money in the race, and if so how much will show the donors she means business? Huckabone has shown that he could be a future player, will he stay in the race or graciously leave to keep his bridges unburned? Tran probably isn’t going anywhere now that she has sunk $4k of her own money in the race, but how much more until she realizes you need at least one other donor to not be a laughing stock? And Hadley… Hadley, Hadley, Hadley. Does Frye’s Chief of Staff realize the damage he is doing to his party and his pockets and bow out (I sure hope not) or does he keep running?

Given the money and the ballot order (Tran, Wayne, Hadley, Zapf, Huckabone) I wonder how this race will develop. Also, if I am off in any of my numbers please correct me, I am not an expert in this and looking over all these lines for different sheets I very easily could have made a mistake.


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  1. After reading this post, I checked the Cal Access site and found that Kim Tran had raised approximately $13,000.00 in her 2006 run for State Assembly.

    I found that interesting because you seemed to intimate that she did not have the ability to raise money. I was curious as to why a candidate with a clear ability to raise money had not a single donation.

    I emailed her campaign and to my surprise, she called me back and explained that she is neither soliciting nor accepting campaign contributions. She said that her supporters, the average taxpayer and small business person, are suffering the most right now and that she believed she could overcome by the early start walking precincts and she was dedicated in taking her message directly to the people. Tran went on to say that hers is a true grassroots campaign and she could win without spending a large amount of money. I have never heard of a politician turning down donations. Without a doubt, Tran is a long shot.

    However, as I stated in my earlier posts, under Ten Little Indians, Kim Tran signs are popping up all over my neighborhood. I wonder how a laughing stock made that happen. If it is not money that is gaining the peoples support, then what is? Could it be she is genuine? Could it be she connects with the people? Maybe her supporters find it refreshing to that a candidate is actually willing to come to their door and speak with them personally! Maybe the average voter is sick of the endless parade of 8″ by 10″ glossy fliers inundating their mailboxes! Maybe she believes that special interest money is spoiling our City and Country! Regardless, I have a suspicion that many pundits will be surprised come June 8th. I especially look forward to seeing the dollar to vote ratio. I also asked Tran how many votes from her 76th run came from the sixth Council District. Trans answer was about 5,000. I wonder if the Republican voters are going to develop amnesia and forget they voted for her before. Sure seems like the smart play would have been for the power players to get behind Tran. Must be some inside baseball going on here, because this all does not make sense to me.

  2. Yup, and $10,200 in 2008 in loans. Then lost 60-40 in the primary, again. So the trend I see is that Kim Tran has the ability to raise less and less every year from fewer and fewer people and does worse and worse every year. The problem is that this time she is running for a seat that a Republican can actually win.

    “Sure seems like the smart play would have been for the power players to get behind Tran.”, sure she has some residual name ID, but that’s like saying the Democrats should get behind Ralph Nader or we should get behind Alan Keyes because they run every election. Fact is Kim Tran can’t even overcome amazingly inferior candidates in primaries for ridiculously noncompetitive races, she stands no chance against a Dem in the runoff with literally 10 times as much money as her, the only thing she can do is hurt the GOP front-runner in the primary.

  3. Granted, Ralph Denney was a terrible Candidate. I would say he, and not Tran is definition of the perennial candidate. The fact that Tran did as well as she did was surprising. I think she received about 2,000 votes as a write-in candidate. I cannot imagine getting that many people to go to the trouble of writing a name in. In her only true primary race, she received about 10,000. Of the 22,000 or so cast. You so seem to minimize what is truly a lot of support. I think the argument could be made that she is going in the right direction. I do remember Hartley in 98 or so walking the precincts and beating the experts’ predictions and winning the third District. I wonder how many doors Wayne and Zapf have personally knocked on, I think they are counting on the fliers and mailers to make a connection with the voters. Again, I went to Trrans’ website and saw that more small businesses were supporting her campaign. Am I overlooking something, why doesn’t Zapf have these businesses supporting her campaign.

    I don’t see Zapf generating that kind of support. I checked her filings and the bulk of her financial support is coming from the building and development owners, family members and employees. I would guess few of them live in the District. I have nothing against the developers, but where is her small business support?

  4. Kim Tran couldn’t beat Martha Coakley or Phil Angelides in the 6th Council District, if they decided to run.

    Sorry, but has anyone heard Kim Tran speak in public? She frightens people.

  5. Post

    At quick glance I do count a few construction companies, otherwise known as small businesses, but only about a half-dozen in that field to go along with the dozens and dozens of teachers, doctors, lawyers, plumbers, real estate agents, accountants, homemakers, and other regular people and small business owners who contribute; all but about a dozen of which live in the city, and all but about three probably do business in the city. Interestingly enough I have had both a Zapf volunteer and a Hadley volunteer come to my door, but I haven’t gotten any mail/flyers from any candidate.

    At quick glance of Tran’s site I do notice the small business support it looks like you were talking about, she certainly locked up all the asian food and nail/beauty salon businesses, that is for sure.


    Kim Tran sounds like Short Round from Indiana Jones.

    If anyone can understand what she is saying in less than five views of that video I’ll finance her entire campaign with IEs. Keep in mind that is when she is calm, I’ve seen her speak while excited and it is just embarrassing it is so unprofessional. When she talks to a room people don’t know whether to laugh or cover their ears.

    Speaking of family support, that wonderfully formatted list looks like it lists only family members?

    She is going to lose, badly, end of story.

    Sure, Zapf could win if she got money behind her, but that isn’t going to happen. Next time can we get some real candidates please?

  7. Dr. Jones: I’m not quite sure what to make of your comment. It is one thing to argue the electability of a candidate. But, I watched the video and although it may be more difficult for some to understand what Ms. Tran is saying due to her accent, she is understandable to me, but ok, whatever. So, what are you saying exactly? Please tell me it’s not that people with accents shouldn’t run for office.

  8. I think Henry was clear. No Asians need apply. The Short Round comment tells us a lot as the Short Round character referenced effected an exaggerated accent for comedic effect.

    We to this point were discussing pros and cons of the various candidates. Henry has sadly taken this discussion to a disturbing place.

    Maybe we could start discussing the Crimmins/Weaver race and Henry can chime in reference Al Jolson in comparison to weaver. I suppose he would think that funny.

    What was the purpose of the Kim Tran interview? Because she had organized a public meeting concerning a serial rapist targeting women the sixth council District. She had previously received an award form the County Republican Party for her registration in the “Short Round Community”. Yeah, what a loser. Wonder whether Henry ever did anything in his community comparable to what Kim Tran has in hers. Moreover, I understood every single word Tran said in the interview, as did Thor’s Assistant. I do look forward to seeing the results of your pending I.E. campaign.

    I do appreciate Thor’s Assistant for stepping in and tactfully addressing the issue.

  9. This is terrible. So to break down the above three arguments against Kim Tran:

    Logic: She has an accent. Which you find frightening.

    Sunshine: She is supported by asian food places and nail care/hair shops. She also has clinics, pharmacies, and electronic vendors as well, which you conveniently didn’t mention. A small business is just that, a small business. Or were you implying that support from Asian owned businesses don’t count as real business support? Is their political opinion less valid?

    ‘Doctor’ Henry Jones:

    She does have a strong accent, since she wasn’t born in the US. So I guess you feel that people with strong accents sound unprofessional and will only be laughed at or ignored? What happened to the content and intent of a persons message being important? Here she is, trying to raise awareness and bring media attention to a rapist threatening the asian community by hosting this meeting and going door to door posting fliers, and you compare her to Shorty from Indiana Jones.

    Then you go on to say that her list of hundreds of supports is ‘all family members.’ Because all our names look to you the same to you, huh? Thanks, I really appreciate your understanding of our culture.

    So summing it all up: Kim tran is not a rich white male, the ideal/’real’ candidate. She is a vietnamese female, born in vietnam, with an english accent (Frightening to logic), who deeply cares about her community, with support from the vietnamese people (or according to the Doctor, “the whole family”, since we are obviously all related since our names are similar), including asian owned businesses, which don’t really count as small-businesses (according to sunshine).

    You boys have me convinced. We Asians shouldn’t even bother to try for politics, huh?

    Sunshine, I know you are a diehard Lorie Zapf supporter. Which isn’t bad, but it’s to the point that you won’t even acknowledge the good Kim Tran has done and continues to try to do for the community. Or give her any amount of respect as a candidate. You simply ignore the arguments made for her and switch to other issues. And you even try to find ways to slam her, such as ignoring the other businesses supporting her and pointing out the nail care shops and restaurants, as a way of ridiculing her. It seems to you that everything Kim Tran does is wrong and bad. Is it simply because Kim Tran is obliterating Lorie Zapf’s chances?

    I wonder if there’s another Lorie Zapf email just waiting to be revealed: “Asians shouldn’t be allowed in political office.”

    While I’m commenting, might as well put this out there:

    Kim Tran is a member of the Blue Star Mothers. They sends care packages to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. And her daughter served two combat tours in Iraq. Note that she is in the front cover photo of the Blue Star Mother’s pamphlet, which is featured on Kim Tran’s website photos.

    Just another positive thing about Kim Tran. =)

  10. See but I’m not a die-hard for anyone (at least not in this cycle), I just call it like I see it, I’ve been critical of Zapf, Hadley, Wayne, Huckabone, Tran, the sheriffs candidates, central committee candidates, republicans and democrats alike. That’s the great thing about being a political hack, I just like the game, and can have fun with it, like pointing out the overwhelming number of nail salons supporting Tran and any humor that goes along with it. It is just easier to find fault with Tran/Huckabone, but you just can’t see me taking shots at Zapf and Wayne/Hadley because you’re so caught up in delusions of grandeur.

    The other great thing about being a political hack, like most readers here, is we can tell when someone truly is a shill for a candidate or the candidate themselves, like when they say things like “I just happened to wonder into a popular generic small business in my community where the owner disclosed an entire ultra-support Kim Tran biography, did you know that…”. Give me a break.

    Kim Tran has done a lot of good registering voters and being an active voice in the community, no doubt about it, if I haven’t said it yet here it is, pile on the praise and respect. She has firmly carved our a place in the cast of characters that is the political scene here in San Diego. With that said I do not respect her as a candidate one bit. Here it is, cold, open and honest, Kim Tran cannot win. If Kim Tran wanted a responsible Republican in office she should have dropped out. If she wants herself in office she should stay in, but ultimately get neither.

    and I’m sure we’ll see the “Tiet Tran, President Vietnamese Federation of San Diego, Endorses Lorie Zapf” email long before that other one.

  11. Just Checking:

    Didn’t find a Tiet Tran as President of the Vietnamese Federation. Hmmm. You will have to translate the page. I did notice he was one of the two or three Vietnamese supporting Zapf. I also noted Tran had the endorsements of the Presidents of Vietnamese Senior Association and the Vietnamese Veterans Association. It appears that Dr. Dung is the head of the Vietnamese Federation. Just to clarify.

  12. and by the way, no one cares she has a strong accent. No one cares that she is Asian. I’m filip, I have an accent, that doesn’t make me unprofessional.

    I’ve heard her frequently, forced by family usually. She yells almost everything she says in harsh sharp tones, she is off-putting, hard to follow and understand (logically and verbally), has poor delivery, poor vocalization, poor projection, poor substance and content, and is generally scary, intimidating, overwhelming and embarrassing. Did I mention she is always practically screaming? That video is like her whispering.

    She’s like Short Round running around screaming about spikes in a room closing in. Look if you like her because you think she has better policy, you don’t see that she can only hurt a republicans chances, you for whatever reason think she can win, or you’re just a friend, then fine, go for it, bet the farm on double zero, but no one on God’s green earth can sit there and say without lying to themselves that she isn’t an immensely horrifying speaker, accent or otherwise.

  13. Regarding Tiet Tran President, really! Endorsing Zapf, I initially just looked at the top leadership positions. However, upon further review, it appears Tiet Tran does not hold any leadership position within the Vietnamese Federation.


    Bác Sĩ Lê Thế Dũng- Chủ Tịch The Doctor Le Dung-Chairman

    Cô Võ Kim Xuyến – Phó Chủ Tịch Nội Vụ Ms. Vo Kim Xuyen – Vice President Internal Affairs

    Bà Lê PhươngLan – Phó Chủ Tịch Ngoại Vụ Ms. Le PhuongLan – Vice Chairman Foreign Affairs

    Bà Mai Huệ – Thủ Quỹ Ms Mai Hue – Treasurer

    Kỹ Sư Bùi Anh Tuấn – Tổng Thư Ký Engineering Bui Anh Tuan – General Clerk

    Ban Cố Vấn Advisory Board

    Dược Sĩ Trang Kiên Pharmacist soundness

    Kỹ Sư Đỗ Như Điện Do As Electrical Engineering

    Tiến Sĩ Lê Phục Thủy Dr. Le Easter Cards

    Dược Sĩ Bùi Quang Tiến Pharmacist Bui Quang Tien

    Dược Sĩ Huỳnh Phước Toàn Pharmacist Phuoc Toan Huynh

    Ông Nguyễn Minh Đường Mr. Nguyen Minh Tang

    Ông Lê Công Nghiệp Mr. Le Cong Nghiep

    Kỹ Sư Trần Hùng Tiết Tran Hung Engineering Details

    Ban Giáo Dục Board of Education

    Giáo Sư Trần Văn Trí Professor Tran Van Tri

    Ban Văn Hóa và Báo Chí Board Culture and Press

    Tiến Sĩ Lê Phục Thủy Dr. Le Easter Cards

    Ban Văn Nghệ Ban Van Nghe

    Ông Dương Nghi Mr. Duong Nghi

    Ông Đặng Tuấn Tuan Dang

    Ông Lê Tài Tai Le

    Ban Tài Chánh Finance Committee

    Bà Hoàng Ngọc Hân Ms. Hoang Ngoc Han

    Ban Thể Thao Board Sports

    Ông Mai Quan Vinh Mr. Mai Quan Vinh

    Ban Khánh Tiết Ban Khanh Details

    Bà Nguyễn Thị Lễ Nguyen Thi Le

    Ban Kỹ Thuật Technical Committee

    Ông Lê Châu Le Chau

    Ban Sinh Hoạt Thanh Thiếu Niên Student Activities Board Youth

    Ông Mai Quan Vinh Mr. Mai Quan Vinh

    Ban Quản Lý Trụ Sở Hiệp Hội Head Office Management Association

    Ông Mai Quan Vinh Mr. Mai Quan Vinh

    Cô Diana Tran Ms. Diana Tran

  14. Vern, maybe you could provide a link next time. Just a thought. People, this entire discussion about a candidate that is committed to not raising any money is getting tiresome.

  15. Thor’s Assistant;

    I find it correcting Sunshine. You find it “tiresome” when I reply to an obviously incorrect statement made by Sunshine solely because Kim Tran has chosen not to raise funds for her campaign. I did post the link in my previous post, but added the text for those to busy to follow. I wanted to make it clear that Tiet Tran is not the President of the Federation. I do not think is a small matter as Zapf has publically claimed to have the support of the Asian Community. Sunshine wants the readers of this forum to believe that a leader of the Vietnamese Community is supporting Zapf’s campaign. This is an honesty issue and everyone reading these posts should be made aware of that inaccuracy.

  16. Vern, the comment about tiresome (my opinion) was directed at the continuing discussion, not you specifically. That’s why it said “People.” The “Vern” part, which was addressed to you, was simply a suggestion to not copy and paste long lists of names, if it is possible to simply provide a link to the list. With all due respect to everyone, most anyone reading this blog that has spent a little bit of time in the political arena knows full well that a candidate who raises no money in a race like SD City Council has absolutely no chance of winning. Anyone is free to spend all their time on this blog weighing in for a candidate, instead of out on the street trying to gain votes, but the truth of what I and others are saying will clearly bear out on election day. Until then, have at it. Yet, that doesn’t mean it won’t be tiresome.

  17. Post

    Let me end the discussion by correcting myself on the smallest most trivial thing being focusing on. Put “immediate past” in front of president. There I did in 2 words what others couldn’t do in 520 words. Happy? (rhetorical, don’t respond). I wholeheartedly apologize for not being up to speed on the most current full leadership of all community groups in the City and for simply making a minor satirical point in passing based on a quick search of someone. If anyone has anything to say about Steve Hadley’s massive campaign debt, half of Howard Wayne’s contributors being lawyers, or Lorie Zapf’s middle of the road fundraising then please chime in, if not I’m done approving comments on the subject. There are two MUCH more interesting posts about Poway and Chula Vista, go miss the point over there.

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