SD Rostra

The Prince And The Pauper

I know I’ve been making a big stink about the SD City Council District 6 race and it looks like with good reason. I haven’t seen the Sheriff’s disclosure yet (you need to get it in person at the Registrar of Voters), but unless there are some real shockers in that it looks like the 6th District has the most interesting disclosures this filing period.

Leading the pack with no surprises is Howard Wayne with about $46,500 cash on hand and $8,500 in unpaid debts, most of which is a $7,000 loan to himself. Following behind him is Lorie Zapf with about $19,200 cash on hand and about $4,800 in unpaid debts, most of which is to her consultants with no loans made. A distant third is going to be Ryan Huckabone, raising about $1,900 and spending about $1,300 for this period from what I understand, although his postings are only available in person so I might be a bit off. I am pretty sure Huckabone will end with about $2,900 cash on hand, but I’m not sure how much of that is loans  from himself. That is where the somewhat normal stops and the hysterical begins.

Kim Tran is fourth with $650 cash on hand left over from a $4,000 loan from herself with no other money raised in this period. Steve Hadley is coming in last on my list with $1,800 cash on hand. Now, you might be saying “But Sunshine, $1,800 is bigger than Tran’s $650 and might be higher than Huckabone if you’re off about his leftovers”, and that is true, BUT Hadley has over $7000 in unpaid bills on top of $15,500 in personal loans giving him over $22,000 in debt!

This raises some very interesting questions for everyone! First, will the voters and the business community just allow Wayne to be handed the seat or will they realize spending a few hundred dollars now might save them thousands down the road? Can Zapf afford to put some of her own money in the race, and if so how much will show the donors she means business? Huckabone has shown that he could be a future player, will he stay in the race or graciously leave to keep his bridges unburned? Tran probably isn’t going anywhere now that she has sunk $4k of her own money in the race, but how much more until she realizes you need at least one other donor to not be a laughing stock? And Hadley… Hadley, Hadley, Hadley. Does Frye’s Chief of Staff realize the damage he is doing to his party and his pockets and bow out (I sure hope not) or does he keep running?

Given the money and the ballot order (Tran, Wayne, Hadley, Zapf, Huckabone) I wonder how this race will develop. Also, if I am off in any of my numbers please correct me, I am not an expert in this and looking over all these lines for different sheets I very easily could have made a mistake.

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