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From the Carl DeMaio Campaign:



Response from Nathan Fletcher Campaign:

Fact Check: DeMaio’s Deceptive Attack on Nathan Fletcher’s Record of Accomplishment

Today, the Carl DeMaio campaign dropped a misleading, negative mailer attacking Nathan Fletcher’s record in Sacramento. A check of the facts is below. Click here to continue reading.


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  1. Fear the most? It’s quite a leap to make that assumption from one piece of mail.

  2. Aynd,

    50% of his first mailer is an attack on Fletcher – not really much of a leap, at all.

  3. Ms. Right,

    Since Fletcher is indeed focusing most of his attack on DeMaio, the logical conclusion is that he considers DeMaio the front runner. I am quite certain that is true.

  4. Way to go Carl- this negative junk mail was your first introduction to my non-political roommate. Now he thinks you are that negative campaigning guy, oh wait… you are!

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