The GOP’s Big Gay Secret

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Just what exactly went down at the GOP Convention last weekend?

I’m glad to see the media taking an interest in the GOP. Just imagine the coverage if they stuck around for the acid-dropping, naked chandelier swinging parties.

Look folks, it’s not hard to believe Republicans know how to party. The way most of them dress tells you right away they have great senses of humor.

State conventions rival some of the finest frat parties. Young staffers hooking up with College Republicans, or worse, older staffers. Consultants trying to woo new clients and keep existing ones happy. Elected officials making “appearances” in the hopes of not being ensnared by an endorsement-seeker. Eat, sleep, gossip, gossip and more gossip.

With all that juicy material, the media only harped on the press-banning (rookie move), infighting (that’s news?), and the Gov. Haley Barbour question-and-triangulation session (Can you define “oil drilling?”).

Here’s a glimpse into the real convention: Each morning, you wake up with a list of activities crammed under your door. You scan past all the official “show-up-and-learn-something” events and “vote for me” fliers to find out who’s hosting that night’s hospitality suites. You always take a slow walk by to see if the party’s kickin’ or if it’s just the hosts surrounded by sad little food displays.

The year Ron Nehring nabbed the state chairmanship, one of the suites offered karaoke. You haven’t lived until you see the Orange County Young Republicans belt out a Bon Jovi classic.

I realize you may not know this, but this Republican used to serve as a delegate for former state Senator Dennis Hollingsworth. As part of said position, I was to report for duty and vote.

The one story not grabbing headlines happened to be related to voting. More specifically, the California Republican Party election of an openly gay board member – perhaps the first.


Note in the San Francisco Gate blog how he puts it: “It’s a bit strange that the party didn’t announce it at the convention, especially when new party chair Tom Del Beccaro and other elected officials made such an effort to talk about how the party was going to reach out to new audiences.”

Hear ye, hear ye! I’m revealing the biggest secret in GOP history: Republicans are gay too.

In case you’re interested, check out one of my favorite organizations: The Log Cabin Republicans. Or you can continue thinking we’re all old white dudes who fear change.

Your choice. It’s a free country.


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  1. You could perform a public service, Ms. Holloway, by
    itemizing the 3 most-common fashion false moves
    made at Republican gatherings…..3 for the Ladies,
    and 3 for the Gentlemen.

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    We’re going to have to begin more gradually.

    Step 1: Do you own one or more neckties adorned with elephants?

    Step 2: Would you wear said ties to impress a partner?

    Step 3: If answer to Step 2 is no, reconsider whether those ties should be worn … ever.

    Change is hard. We’ll get through this together.

    Best, Erica

  3. An entire column may be in order. All at once is okay…we will remember. After all, an elephant never…uhhh, ok, forget it.

  4. OMG that would be a GREAT column! I don’t have any elephant adorned ties as that would be a fashion travesty, but a best/worst dressed or fashion police article on the convention would definitely be fun!

    There were some really well dressed people there, at the same time there were some fashion misses. I had to fight with one of the people who came with me in the tie selection process!

    “You are NOT wearing that tie if your tagging along with me throughout this convention” LOL follow us on twitter @lcrsandiego and me at @willrk787

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    You’re speaking my language. I believe we’ve found your assignment for the next convention.

    Best, Erica

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