SD Rostra

The Fletcher Poll is Fletcher Propaganda

When I woke up this morning I read the leaked Fletcher poll. This is not the kind of typical campaign poll we all see. It doesn’t take into account any of Fletcher’s many issues that voters might find concerning except his party changes. Even that question is soft sold. It’s full of positive things about Fletcher though. I can only come to one conclusion – this Fletcher poll was written to show him winning, then the poll will be made public to discourage others from filing.

There are plenty of things that should have been looked at if this was a real poll meant to gather information for an upcoming race: his conservative votes in the state house, his affiliation with the GOP and George W. Bush and Rove, negative comments by Democrat leaders about him, his lack of voting in the state house, and so on.

This Fletcher poll is huckster propaganda, pure and simple. Expect to see the results ‘leaked’ or given to the MSM media in the very near future.

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