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With just two weeks left I managed to get my hands on what will likely be the final poll in D6.

Howard Wayne 35
Lorie Zapf 31
Steve Hadley 9.5
Undecided 9.5
Kim Tran 9
Ryan Huckabone 6

I’m sure Lorie Zapf’s ‘artificial supporters’, Howard Wayne’s union thugs, and Kim Tran’s family members will be by shortly to comment.

Related update: 2906 absentee ballots cast in that race so far (1364 GOP, 640 DTS and 902 DEM)


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  1. I heard about this poll as well and checked on the credibility. Real. I’ll jump in before someone else says the only poll that matters is the one on election day. True. However, when the numbers are this disparate, and the laggers have little in resources, the numbers are very significant. It’s what Sunshine has indicated all along, yet with Hadley not ever ending up the contender many thought he might be. For someone to win it outright, others would have had to be out of the race. That’s obvious. If Wayne somehow pulls it out in June, however unlikely, the GOP vote splitters will be obvious. If Zapf could have pulled it off in June, the same splitters certainly didn’t help. Lastly, Hadley in no way helped Wayne.

  2. Well, we’ve conducted an informal survey of 900 Vietnamese Households this month. Here are the results:

    Kim Tran – 95%

    Whoever else is running – 5%

    That didn’t take much money! =P

    We’re saving our money and fundraising efforts for the general election.

  3. Politics 101: You have to first make it into the run-off to spend any money there. If you don’t spend any money to make it to the run-off, you can’t plan for a run-off. In fact, you might as well stay home. See you at 8:01 p.m. election night.

  4. I would also question the validity of an unidentified poll. Just may be an attempt to sway the fence sitters. I think AJ has it right, No source, no credibility.

    Also, interesting to see how Zapfs current scandal will impact the results on June 8.
    Pat Flannery’s article: Would Lorie Zapf bring “strategic fraud” to City Council? was very informative and troubling.

    Now the Union Tribune is reporting.

    Zapf looked like a deer caught in the headlights when the channel 10 reporter asked her about her Nevada default. It was very disturbing to see a “Conservative” playing the victim card.

    It would be interesting to see if the Tran Campaign has the resources to hit Zapf this coming week.

    We are now getting a preview of the general election


    “raises questions about Zapf, who has touted her fiscal responsibility as a former health-food business owner.”


    “You’ve got to really wonder about her financial prudence,”

    “She can’t even manage her own personal affairs. How can she be trusted to handle the taxpayers’ business?”

    and Hadley

    “.. called it a tragic situation that is in sharp contrast to Zapf’s theme that she’ll bring common-sense financial know-how to City Hall.”

    Maybe its time for Zapf to withraw as she is too badly damaged to win in the general. Calls into question the candidate vetting process of th Party.

  5. You would ALSO question the poll’s validity? You AGREE with AJ? Great, considering the comment came from the same IP address! Rules for this blog include picking a name and using it, pseudonym or otherwise, but not posting comments that give the appearance of being more than one person. Not saying that happened here, but the readers can be the judge.

  6. Also, the writing format and style of the comment looks very similar to AJ’s.

    Just sayin’ 😉

  7. Lets see:

    …Sunshine invited my whole family to comment!

    …Now you see two different names from the same IP address.

    …And we are a really close family.

    Gosh, I really hope the readers CAN put two and two together.

    Or do you want my sister to do a fly over of your location? She is back from Iraq. 😉

    Not that all this matters, the readership should be focused on the contents of our messages, not the colors of our skin/locations of our computers.

    I have a perfect analogy: Lorie Zapf’s campaign is like the Titanic! All these people praise this great ship, put tons of money into it, publicize it etc. Then it hit’s a small iceberg, and suddenly the integrity of the ship is tested. Unfortunately, paint and decorations alone can’t hold the ship together. The shoddy craftsmanship that was the ‘foundation’ of the original ship fall aparts. And everyone jumps off or sinks with it.

    Don’t worry, Kim Tran is leading a fleet of small, but well built boats, staffed with volunteers holding kim tran signs and fliers, ready to rescue all the voters jumping off the Titanic! Come vote and help our campaign instead!

    You can still elect Kim Tran, an honest, hardworking, and truly conservative candidate! There’s no way Lorie Zapf can beat Howard Wayne with her dishonesty on the record now. You’re really better off supporting Kim Tran. =)

    I want to see truly conservative ideals in action on the city council, so we can get our city out of debt and on the right track. That is also Kim Tran’s goal. Do the readers here also have the same goal?

  8. AJ: Fair enough, if someone else is blogging from the same location, fair enough…good enough explanation for us.

  9. “I want to see truly conservative ideals in action on the city council, so we can get our city out of debt and on the right track. That is also Kim Tran’s goal. Do the readers here also have the same goal?”

    That’s certainly my goal. Which is why I prefer Lorie Zapf.

    Also, if you’re looking for ship analogies, Kim Tran’s campaign would be an inflatable dinghy.

  10. I wonder two things about Kim Tran. One, does she want people who are struggling to pay their mortgage to vote for her. Two, will she endorse Lorie Zapf or Howard Wayne after the primary?

  11. Oooh, Sunshine you make a really good point! Kim Tran used to be a Democrat, so who’s to say she won’t endorse the liberal, union-backed Howard Wayne?

  12. Thank you, Emily, for some sound, rational judgement regarding the poll.

    I’m just waiting for AJ to come on and comment that Lorie Zapf is the one who’s actually taking votes away from Kim Tran… LOL… what a laugh riot!

  13. Logic: “Emily’s” comment was an exact, identical duplicate of Barry’s comment at the top of this string…in other words Emily’s was a spam bot and has been taken down. But we’re sure Barry will accept your compliment, all the same.

  14. Rostra Admin, I noticed the comment was removed shortly after I had submitted it. In light of the new evidence, I will be more than happy to forward the compliment to Barry. 🙂

  15. Logic:

    1.) We upgraded our Dinghy. (Also Dinghies saved the lives of hundreds when the Titanic sank.) ;-P

    2.) Technically, Lorie Zapf IS taking from Kim Tran’s votes. =)

    3.) My mom was a democrat, before she became politically active. She studied the issues, switched to the republican party, and convinced a thousand Vietnamese people to change from Democrat to Republican.

    Also, you quoted me earlier, and my point is that Kim Tran is a strong conservative, and supporting her does not make you “anti-republican” as you seem to suggest. Kim has done a lot for the Republican party, and it is wrong for you to not acknowledge her service and efforts.


    1.) Yes, Kim Tran want’s people struggling with their mortgages to vote for her.

    I highly doubt people with mortgage problems are uniting behind Lorie Zapf. =P If anything, they’re angry that she’s comparing their real financial and income troubles to her repeated history of poor financial decisions.

    2.) Kim Tran will be endorsing neither. Lorie Zapf is too damaged to win now. We expect to make the runoff against Howard Wayne. =)

  16. Howard Wayne…

    a) Would rather face Kim Tran in a run off than Lorie Zapf, hands down, even given Zapf’s problems…and…

    b) Knows full well that he won’t be facing Kim Tran in a run off.

    Just like most every other reader of this blog, who understand reality.

  17. What’s the difference between Lorie Zapf’s financial situation and that of thousands of struggling hard working voters in San Diego? (Try answering without attacking Lorie’s husband or family.)

  18. “Kim Tran will be endorsing neither.”

    Really? Well, that’s interesting because Isn’t Kim Tran a member of the Republican Central Committee? Isn’t it against the bylaws of the party to not endorse a republican-endorsed candidate?

    Ya know… your mom could be thrown off the committee for such actions. Which is funny cause isn’t she running for another term on the committee?

    If Kim Tran was a viable candidate within the Vietnamese community, she’d have the backing of other prominent Vietnamese elected officials like Assemblyman Van Tran, OC Supervisor Janet Nguyen, and Congressman Joesph Cao. Hmm… don’t see their names on her endorsement list… but I suppose that’s okay… perhaps to Kim Tran, James Hartline has more pull within the community anyway.

  19. AJ… you say she’s a strong conservative, but she used to be a Democrat… so, who’s to say that she isn’t lying about being a strong conservative?

    I mean, you’re saying that Lorie Zapf has mortgage problems therefore, she is incapable of solving financial problems. So, how are we supposed to believe that Kim Tran isn’t a raging, hardcore liberal behind closed doors? It’s a two-way street, bro.

    Plus, you dodged my assumptions about Kim Tran voting for John Kerry and Barbara Boxer in 2004, and Al Gore and Dianne Feinstein in 2000.

  20. can we just say it’s safe to assume AJ has no knowledge (politically speaking) of the political dynamics of the city of san diego and is blindly supporting his mother like any good son would do?

    Aye? Aye.

  21. Yes, that would be safe to say. That said, he would be much better taking the time to convince voters to support his mom, than spend his time convincing the politically knowledgeable and/or decided that frequent SD Rostra. Every minute he spends here, he helps Lorie Zapf, ironically!!

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