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The Donald Snubs The Duncan

East County Congressman Duncan Hunter was one of the first to back reality TV star turned presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump. Trump went to DC and snubbed Hunter and Hunter is pissed about it:

His most ardent congressional backers, however, asked his campaign several times for a few minutes with the candidate, too. They thought it would energize the team running traps to whip support for him in Washington. They also wanted Trump to meet with a core group of committee chairs they thought would make for powerful future allies.

Hunter said the complaint isn’t about his ego, contending that face time with rank-and-file lawmakers would actually have helped Trump in the long run by making it easier for them to vouch for the candidate with voters in their districts.

Here’s the hard truth Congressman Hunter; Donald Trump used you and has moved on to greener pastures. He’s done it all of his life. He did it to the 35-ish percent of Republican voters who voted for him in various primaries, by:

1- Telling them he was against a minimum wage hike in November of 2015, and supporting that hike six months later.

2- Releasing a tax plan which lowers income taxes across the board and, four months later, signaling that he would be cool with higher marginal taxes on high-income earners. Or support a FAIR Tax…or a flat tax…unless Ted Cruz proposed it…then call the flat tax unfair.

3- Opposing more H1B visas in August of 2015, reversing his position before Halloween, reversing it again before New Year’s Day, then reversing that original position by St Patrick’s Day, 2016

4- Holding five positions on abortion on four days.

5- Keeping his strategy on defeating ISIS with ground troops secret at the beginning of an interview, changing that position 20 minutes later, then reversing that position 10 minutes after that.  Then, three days after that interview, saying he was going to send in ground troops to seize oil fields. Four months later, bomb the oil fields so we don’t have to send in troops.

6- Pay off the national debt in 8 years by renegotiating trade deals. Three weeks later, keep the renegotiated trade deals but don’t pay off the debt — build roads and bridges. Six months later, announce he can pay off the national debt by giving bondholders a haircut on their principal repayment (until he was informed that it’s unconstitutional to do — then announce he could just crank up the printing presses and create money to pay off the debt.

7- Reject campaign contributions proclaiming that he “can’t be bought,” then, six months later, announce that he would accept campaign contributions (hiring a former Goldman Sachs guy after lambasting his opponent for being married to a Goldman gal).

8-Rejecting international laws against torture and executing non-combatants, then, the next day, reversing that position. Two weeks later, comment that the rules had to be changed to allow torture.

9- Last September, say that the US should accept Syrian refugees, then, the next day, reverse that position. Two weeks later, call to ban ALL refugees.  Later that day, reverse that position.

10- In 2000, call for universal health care. In August of 2015, repeal Obamacare but model the Canadian single-payer health care system but with private companies (sort of like a utility). One month later, repeal Obamacare but keep the mandate.  Four months after that, repeal Obamacare but replace it with “something great.” One month after that, repeal Obamacare and the mandate but have a private system (like before Obamacare), then, this month, repeal Obamacare and replace it with “something great.”

Don’t take it personally Congressman Hunter.  The Donald is just trying to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain and he has to “be flexible”– that flexibility includes rejecting you when you are no longer useful to him.

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