The Danon Steamroller has some competition

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The local San Diego great politico John Dadian is quoted as calling the Steve Danon campaign for the 3rd District Supervisorial seat “the steamroller,” but thus far there hasn’t been much to roll over since he had drawn no opponents and the incumbent has bowed out of the race.

Well folks, we’re in a new year and things have changed! In fact Del Mar City Councilman and Mayor Carl Hilliard and Solana Beach City Councilman and past Mayor Dave Roberts have both announced their intentions to take on Danon for the seat.

Roberts once announced his intentions to run against Brian Bilbray for Congress, but bailed out shortly thereafter and has been at various times registered as a Democrat, a Republican and a Decline to State. The N.C. Times article reports he has something to do with rental property, but that’s new information as far as I can tell. All his prior bio-stuff talks about his involvement with various Washington D.C. Boards. Dave also serves locally on the North County Transit Development Board.

Hilliard has been a lawyer, a successful entrepreneur, and a racehorse owner who was allegedly the driving force behind Del Mar’s attempt to buy the 22nd State Agricultural District Fairgrounds, AKA the Del Mar Racetrack. Carl is a smart, capable person who has the ability to self-fund this race if he so chooses. He also serves on the SANDAG Board.

So, okay folks, what we finally have here is a real life no joke race. All three of these people are legit candidates who know how to campaign and appear to be serious. Logan Jenkins, the great tennis playing sage of the U-T, says Roberts pulls it off. Hilliard says he is the man for the job. Steve Danon just keeps working the soil racking up endorsements and collecting campaign donations.

I say God bless America, is this a great country or what!


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