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The Conservative Movement needs young blood; join and fend off evil liberal forces!

As a young female conservative, I can only retort and emphasize how important it is that more young conservatives (whether season or new) come before society and help shape future generations. Whenever I venture to conservative or Republican-sponsored events, I see very few people my age. Adults and the elderly currently occupy the mainstay of the Conservative Movement. What happens when our predecessors die off, and leave us to toil with the ills of society created by our liberal opponents?

Well, universities do an excellent job brainwashing people my age, unless they were taught by their parents to stick with their guns and to not adopt foreign values. They preach socialism and communism, and encourage us students to abandon “evil philosophies” as they are very misguided and incongruous to their teachings. Fortunately, I can pick out truth from fiction and not get absorbed by the liberal disease that plagues the younger generation of today.

This leads to a main point I would like to impart. If you want to be trained and confident in how to fend off liberal dogma, I encourage that you attend the Leadership Institute (LI) Youth Leadership School at CSU Long Beach February 27th through 28th. The cost is $30 to attend the affair with food, lodging, and materials included. There are many seats open, and there is the possibility that the event might not go through if there aren’t enough people to attend. So, if you are like me and wish to impact/leave a mark, you can do so and tread the conservative scene by attending this conference. It will provide you with new friends of the same political persuasion, provide you with the skills and resources to combat liberalism on campus, and teach you how to be an effective, successful proponent/representative of the Conservative Movement.

The link to the even is provided below:

Come ready and come hungry, Young Conservatives! We need a stronghold in order to successfully win this battle.

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