The 10 Most Tweeted San Diego Rostra Posts in 2011

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Politics & Media Mashup: your weekend news aggregator leads off with “The 10 Most Tweeted San Diego Rostra Posts in 2011” and includes stories and editorials from across the country about the death of redevelopment in California. Also included: pieces on local, state and national politics as well as social media.

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The past year has been a busy one for San Diego Rostra and its bloggers. The political web site saw as many as 19,000 unique monthly visitors in 2011 — a big number for a 1 1/2 year-old site with no paid staff. Many of the posts that came from Rostra’s impressive bullpen of Rostrafarians spread far and fast thanks to Twitter and Facebook.

The posts that generated the most buzz this year were interesting and varied. One broke news. Another poked fun at politicians. Some were prickly. The one thing they all had in common — they were popular with the Twitter set.

Here are the 10 most tweeted Rostra posts in 2011:


Here are some of the week’s top stories:





Social & Traditional Media


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  1. Putting a few NAMES and Dates to the Rostrafarians who
    authored these various SD Rostra stories in 2011:

    GAYLE FALKENTHAL….”Some Politicians Are Real Twits”
    May 30, 2011

    CARL DeMAIO ……….Stop the “Cat Tax” …July 11, 2011

    GREG LARKIN ….”Redistricting Proposal — A Power
    Grab by Democrats and Labor in the City of San Diego….
    May 13.2011…..AND “Breaking: UT Budget Cuts Said to
    Result in Dismissal of Editorial Writer Don Sevrens,
    three Editors”….June 14, 2011

    JAMES BEHAN…..”SD CityBeat: Do Journalistic
    Standards Include Personal Death Wishes?”…
    JUne 28, 2011

    THOR’S ASSISTANT …. “Really. Occupy SD holds
    moment of silence in solidarity with “the guy who
    shot at the White House”….Nov. 16, 2011

    TONY MANOLATOS …”Deep Thoughts?.By People
    Who May Be Your Mayor Someday”…June 13, 2011
    ….”Who has more Klout?”….Nov. 30, 2011….”Hall to
    Lynch: ‘Oh no you didn’t!’”…. Nov. 23, 2011

    JIM SILLS….”San Diego’s famous Radio Mayor,
    Roger Hedgecock, endorses Carl DeMaio for
    Mayor of San Diego”….. Sept. 22, 2011

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