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Ten Little Indians

Well the filing deadline for office has come and gone and there were definitely quite a few interesting developments, some of which have been discussed here and some haven’t, and obviously everything is tentative before signatures are verified.

The Sheriff race narrowed to three with Gore, Duffy, and LaSuer. The big question here is where do the Democrats and Independents go and can Gore survive June? I think if Gore grabs 40% in June he’ll win in November, if not we might have a new Sheriff in town (too easy?). The good news is that no matter who wins the seat will stay in the hands of a Republican.

Ron Roberts will be facing some of his strongest competition to date. It will be interesting to see if he can clinch the 50.1% in the primary or how close to that mark he’ll get. If I had to guess it will go to a run off with Roberts picking up 47% of the vote in June and an additional 13% in November for the win.

Assemblyman Anderson and Supervisor Stone both filed for the 36th State Senate and the full field filed to replace Anderson. At this point either seat is a toss, but again, both will stay in Republican hands.

City Council Districts 2, 4, and 8 all have multiple candidates but likely won’t be competitive at all, at least not in terms of Republicans picking up or losing a seat.

Council District 6 will continue to be the focus of much attention and excitement as five candidates filed to replace Frye. After a very controversial week Lorie Zapf was one of three Republicans to file papers. The good news for Zapf about this week, aside from being the only Republican to submit a ballot title, is that her previous comments, while a bump in the road, will likely not have a lasting impact on the race. While it isn’t too late for Huckabone or Tran to officially drop out it doesn’t look like it will happen.

The other races around the county had no surprises and will most likely end the way conventional wisdom predicts they’ll end.

On the Central Committee filings, it was interesting to see who filed, when, and with what ballot titles. Will Michael Crimmins get to keep his “Central Committee Member” title now that he has been removed? And if he wins a spot will he get to take it or does his expulsion stand? I wonder if Robert Morey/Holly Barrett/Debra Capelo/Richard Preuss will get to keep their “Community Volunteer” titles. And on a Democrat note, can anyone tell me what exactly is Toni Atkins’ “business”?

The first round of signature verifications should be out shortly and it will be very interesting to see who, if anyone, gets cut.

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