Taxpayers in Wonderland, Government in La-La Land

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One of the few lists in town you DON’T want to see your name on was released this morning by the San Diego County Taxpayers Association. It’s the list of “Golden Fleece” award finalists. The infamous Fleeces are “given to government programs/services that exemplify the wasteful, inefficient or downright absurd use of taxpayer dollars.” It’s a shame this creativity couldn’t be channelled into ways of SAVING money. There are always bright new ideas about how to waste our money by your government at all levels.

The full list is posted at the SDCTA website here

“Winners” will be announced at the 15th annual Golden Watchdog & Golden Fleece Awards dinner on May 20.  We’ll see if any of the Fleece nominees have the chutzpah to show up and claim their “prize” if they win. If YOU don’t show up, rest assured you will miss some of the best political gossip and networking of the year. Plenty of Rostrafarians will be in the house!


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