Taxpayers Association Issues Ballot Recommendations

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One of the most important functions of groups like the San Diego County Taxpayers Association (SDCTA) is educating the rest of us. Providing voters with ballot recommendations that satisfy its criteria for accountable, cost-effective and efficient government has got to top the list.

SDCTA has just completed its review of the June 2010 Primary Election state and local ballot measures and issued its ballot recommendations.  A supermajority (60%) vote of the SDCTA Board of Directors is required for a position to be taken on any ballot measure.  The recommendations are:


  • Proposition 13 (Limits on property tax assessment; seismic retrofitting of existing buildings): YES
  • Proposition 14 (Greater participation in elections): NEUTRAL
  • Proposition 15 (California Fair Elections Act): NO
  • Proposition 16 (Imposes new two-thirds voter approval requirements for local public electricity providers): NO


  • Proposition A (East Otay Mesa recycling collection center and landfill ordinance): NEUTRAL
  • Proposition B (Term limits for San Diego County Supervisors): NO
  • Proposition D (City of San Diego Charter revision relating to strong mayor form of governance): YES
  • Proposition G (City of Chula Vista Fair and Open Competition Ordinance): YES
  • Proposition J (City of Del Mar Transient Occupancy Tax on short-term rental properties): NO
  • Proposition K (City of Oceanside adoption of City Charter): YES
  • Proposition L (City of Solana Beach business tax): NO

Detailed analyses of each proposition in full-tilt wonky detail are available at


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  1. San Diego Tax Fighters, a MUCH smaller, unabasahedly pro-taxpayer, grassroots outfit with no corporate memberships, takes the same positions as SDCTA on the LOCAL props except for Prop B — we support county supervisor term limits.

    We also disagree on a couple of state props.

    We oppose Prop 14 and support Prop 16.

    Later I’ll write more on this.

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