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Tax me more, Congresswoman?

A Sara Jacobs constituent responds to her Tweet during President Joe Biden’s speech…

Sara Jacobs — Are you kidding me?

The privilege to post such a nonchalant “tax me more” tweet.

When you come from a billionaire family, it’s easy to see taxes as no big deal.

The audacity to think that more taxes equals relief to the community is either naïve on your behalf, or misleading.

By the way, this is my local Federal Congresswoman here in San Diego.

San Diego.

A place where taxes are through the roof.
A place where we’re one step away from having our air taxed.

You represent #CA53–Not yourself.

Let’s see how many in #CA53 actually want higher taxes? Do you know? Or is this just on your wishlist?

Keep in mind. Especially here in San Diego, we see local county officials trying to give pay raises ($40m) at a time people can’t even pay their rent.

At a time where homelessness is driving more violent crimes in your district. And your solution is more taxes?

Sara, you seem to think taxes don’t cause any harm. And once again, that speaks volumes of your blessed position in life.

You can’t tax the community into prosperity.

A government big enough to provide you everything, is a government big enough to take everything away from you.

-Zack Gianino
Your Constituent

(Had to get that off my chest)

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