Breaking: Labor Corruption…SD Labor Council Seeks to Oust Taxpayer Advocate from Oversight Committee

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Turns out it is not just occasional sewage flowing from the Tijuana River that sullies San Diego’s South Bay. San Diego/Imperial County Labor Council’s “Middle Class Taxpayer’s Association” does a fine job of soiling the South Bay as well. Proposition R passed in fall 2008, thus allowing the Southwestern Community College to issue $389 million in bonds to construct and …

Labor Council’s “Middle Class Taxpayer Association”

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If ever a group assembled under a more inaccurate name, I’d be interested to see it. The “Middle Class Taxpayers Association” isn’t a new voice for responsible stewardship of our tax dollars. It’s a front group shilling for the San Diego Labor Council. The Labor Council doesn’t even try to hide its involvement. It seems silly to use this name, but I suppose there are people or news media who might confuse it with a real taxpayers advocacy group.

Taxpayer Association Analysis Backs DeMaio “Roadmap to Recovery”

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Plan Aligns with over two-thirds of SDCTA Budget Reform Principles The San Diego County Taxpayers’ Association released a 27-page report evaluating Councilmember Carl DeMaio’s “Roadmap to Recovery.” The report found DeMaio’s proposal to be substantially in alignment with SDCTA’s 38 Budget Reform Principles.  “We applaud the ideas of managed competition and outsourcing, as well as the details provided for streamlining …

City of San Diego moves headlong toward “something”

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Voice reporter Liam Dillon is literally camped out at SD City Hall.  From Voice of SD… City Sets Emergency Financial Meeting; Frye and Mayor to Present Joint Proposal? The San Diego City Council will meet Friday morning at 10 a.m. to discuss City Councilwoman Donna Frye’s proposed ballot measure linking a sales tax increase to a series of cost-cutting reforms. …