Poway City Council Unanimously Rejects SANDAG Sky Gondola Tax

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Poway Mayor Steve Vaus deserves praise for raising awareness about the SANDAG tax scheme.  He acted on the suggestion to get an up or down vote from the Poway City Council.  Last night, Poway rejected the SANDAG tax scheme unanimously. Escondido unanimously rejected the tax a couple of weeks ago.  Coronado and Vista have it on their agendas for up …

GASPAR: SANDAG Tax is the Thirty Dollar Frozen Yogurt Cone

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I spoke with Encinitas Mayor and County Board of Supervisors candidate Kristin Gaspar today about the SANDAG tax scheme.  We are hopeful she can get its support on the Encinitas City Council for an up or down vote– We’d like to smoke out the tax hikers on the City Councils.  (FWIW, Kristin Gaspar is opposed to the SANDAG tax scheme). …

SANDAG Tax and Spend Republicans #FeelTheHeat

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We warned the SANDAG tax and spend Republicans to vote against putting Proposition X on the ballot: Thus, the Republican Party is the “no new taxes” party.  Nationally, we ask our federal candidates to sign a pledge to oppose new taxes.  Statewide, we ask our statewide and legislative candidates to sign that pledge.  Locally, our standing policy is “no new …

Coast News: Escondido Council shows little support for SANDAG proposal, Abed “shreds” the plan

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ESCONDIDO — A massive investment proposed by the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) has little support among the City Council. During its regular meeting Wednesday, Mayor Sam Abed shredded the aggressive plan to invest $18.2 billion as part of San Diego Forward, a regional transportation initiative looking toward 2050. Read it all.

Republicans Will be Challenged If They Support SANDAG Tax Ballot Initiative

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Let’s start here; the Republican Party is the “no new taxes” party.  The glaring reason is well, obvious; the federal, state, and local governments collect plenty of taxes already.    The secondary reasons are:  governments are horrible stewards of money and they have too much power over our lives. Thus, the Republican Party is the “no new taxes” party.  Nationally, we …