No Maass!: Voice of San Diego Fact-Checked

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Voice of San Diego lavishly uses “fact checks,” a trendy journalistic device often used to disguise opinions as factual reporting. SD CityBeat’s Dave Maass has given VoSD a taste of its own medicine with his own fact-check of a VoSD claim that it gets no government support. He labels the statement “huckster propaganda,” VoSD’s category for the most egregious falsehoods. …

Despite Deceptive Editorial, SD CityBeat Supports Sales Tax Increase

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In a recent editorial, San Diego CityBeat’s staff claimed to oppose Proposition D, the sales tax increase on the November ballot. But the purported opposition is just a convenient fig-leaf for the tax-and-spend CityBeat “liberals”, as they prepare to endorse the sales tax hike. The “liberals” (I don’t like calling them liberals, as they’re not – they are leftists) rule …

CityBeat: Election post-mortem

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Read yesterday’s take by SD CityBeat’s Kelly Davis on Tuesday night’s live blogging effort, which included participation by Rostrafarians Gayle Falkenthal and Barry Jantz… Last night, CityBeat tried something new: “live blogging” from election central and the W Hotel (where the Democratic Party was camped out, due to a labor boycott of Golden Hall). It got a little chaotic at … Live Blogging Election Night with SD CityBeat

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TONITE: Check out !!!!!! It’s a match made in … well, San Diego.  Rostra is hooking up, so to speak, with San Diego CityBeat for a live blogscan on Tuesday night, starting at 6 p.m. We may be Center-Right, the folks at CityBeat may like to call themselves Progressives, and they may even be full of turds on occasion …

SD CityBeat: “Local GOP giddy”

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San Diego CityBeat story on sample ballot “advertising”… Gloat of the sample-ballot stuffers Local GOP giddy over ad-friendly court ruling By John R. Lamb “The law requires a paper towel ad to be scrupulously honest, but allows political candidates to lie without reproach. What’s wrong with this picture?” —Jef I. Richards By the sound of her voice, San Diego County …

Who Outed ACORN in East County?

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When the nice Santee couple attended their first East County Democratic Club (ECDC) meeting at Coco’s Restaurant on October 15 to hear David Lagstein of the local San Diego area ACORN office, they never guessed that several days later they would be accused by club official Raymond Lutz of secretly recording the meeting and releasing the information to Andrew Breitbard’s After the …