City Council Fails to Reform Their Own Pensions

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Yesterday the City Council passed a symbolic resolution that they represented as their commitment to reform.  Less than 24 hours later, the same City Council not only refused to advance comprehensive reform of their own pensions, they refused to even allow the reform to be discussed. The Union Tribune addressed the needed reform on Sunday with a question.  You can …

Councilmember DeMaio’s Statement on “Blank Check” Sales Tax Increase

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Councilmember DeMaio issued the following statement regarding the proposed sales tax increase: “Until pension reform is implemented, San Diegans can continue to expect chronic budget deficits and service cuts.  This tax hike is not a solution to fix run-away pension costs.  It’s a blank check tax increase on working families that will end up delaying reform.”

DeMaio Opposition to Mayor/Council Pay Hike

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Councilmember Carl DeMaio issued the following statement in reaction to the recommendation to raise Mayor and City Councilmember salaries from the City’s Salary Setting Commission:   “I urge the Mayor and City Council to reject these salary increases.  The city faces a severe fiscal crisis – and our taxpayers are feeling the pinch of a rough economy. ”   “Furthermore, I …

City Official: San Diego Fee Hikes Needed to Cover Salary and Pension Costs; Mayor: “It’s a Part of Life”

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Yesterday, the Union-Tribune published a story about the City of San Diego recently increasing it’s solar permit fees by a multiple of six. You may recall the across-the-board fee increases implemented by the City of San Diego in 2009. From the April 2, 2009 Union-Tribune story about that fee increase: Mary Lewis, the city’s chief financial officer, said the mayor’s …

DeMaio Applauds Key Ruling on City Pension Benefits

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A late-breaking court ruling on San Diego city pension benefits has earned the applause of Councilmember Carl DeMaio, who has steadfastly challenged the status quo on our policy options to reform our long-term financial obligations. A detailed press release from his office is below. I’ve watched some recent media interviews where other  leaders at San Diego City Hall have been …