Pete Wilson: Why I support Nathan Fletcher for Mayor

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I love San Diego.  I’m very grateful to have been given the privilege of serving as its mayor for eleven years.  During my administration, the phrase, “America’s Finest City” was more than a slogan.  It was the goal and mission statement that drove every decision we made.  Our city continues to offer such great  promise, but it will need strong, …

DeMaio Announces Support of Over 1,400 San Diegans in First 14 Days of Campaign

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Mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio today announced that his campaign has received the support of over 1,400 individuals in just the first 14 days of his campaign.

“As other candidates curry favor with entrenched politicians, government labor unions, and special interests, I’m seeking support from the people who really count: rank-and-file San Diegans,” declared DeMaio.

“San Diegans are not impressed by entrenched politicians, labor union bosses, and lobbyists who pat each other on the back and support candidates who will preserve the status quo,” DeMaio noted.

“I’m thrilled to have so many supporters this early in the campaign,” said DeMaio when the total number of early supporters was released. The announcement was made in a video released earlier today on DeMaio’s Facebook page utilizing Donor Tube, which allows supporters to make donations directly through the online video.

Stirling: Dumanis would be a tool of the public employee unions

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Submitted as a comment by Retired State Senator and Judge Larry Stirling… D.A. Dumanis betrays her lack of experience in any public-policy arena besides the narrow one of politics and the criminal-justice system with her position on the retirement issue. Because of the magic of compounding and the time-value of money, the entirely portable, front loaded, and privately managed defined-payment …