Poway: Game On!

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As I post this, Councilmember Betty Rexford recall proponents led by Steve Vaus are announcing at the Poway City Council meeting that they have collected about 2,200 of the 5,657 petition signatures required to qualify for the ballot.  This is with only 30 days elapsed of the 120 days allowed in which to collect signatures.  These are raw numbers, but recall …

Betty Rexford Changes Party Registration in an Attempt to Avoid the Party

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….BREAKING NEWS…. It’s her Party, she can leave if she wants to. If you’re Councilwoman Betty Rexford, facing recall in Poway for a littany of wrongs (see all the related SD Rostra posts), and you want to avoid or at least avert a weeks-long standing invitation by the local GOP to attend a meeting to give your side of things, …

Rexford Apologists More Concerned about Disclosure than What is Right

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Saturday’s Union-Trib editorial “Rexford Must Go” (posted below) was spot on, while alluding to SD Rostra’s role — via my post — in releasing the smoking gun memo sent by the Poway city manager to Councilwoman Betty Rexford in 2006.  Some of the resulting comments on the U-T website are a testimony to the “hide the facts” attitude of Rexford …

Poway City Manager Memo: Rexford’s Conflicts and Interference with Administration

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In the midst of a recall effort against Poway Councilmember Betty Rexford, additional compelling evidence against her has been uncovered. In September 2006, Poway City Manager Rod Gould felt compelled to send a confidential memo to Rexford warning that her “recent actions constitute a conflict of interest and interference with City administration.”  The memo speaks for itself.  Read it here.

Breaking… Rexford’s Husband Said to Threaten Neighbor with “Gun”

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***Breaking News*** Whether or not you’ve been following the saga of Poway Councilwoman Betty Rexford, the documented harassment of her neighbors, and the resulting recall effort against her (here’s some background), the following breaking information from today really takes the cake. I am told that this morning Rexford and her husband Paul were sitting in their car at the end …