Poway City Manager Memo: Rexford’s Conflicts and Interference with Administration

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In the midst of a recall effort against Poway Councilmember Betty Rexford, additional compelling evidence against her has been uncovered. In September 2006, Poway City Manager Rod Gould felt compelled to send a confidential memo to Rexford warning that her “recent actions constitute a conflict of interest and interference with City administration.”  The memo speaks for itself.  Read it here.

Breaking… Rexford’s Husband Said to Threaten Neighbor with “Gun”

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***Breaking News*** Whether or not you’ve been following the saga of Poway Councilwoman Betty Rexford, the documented harassment of her neighbors, and the resulting recall effort against her (here’s some background), the following breaking information from today really takes the cake. I am told that this morning Rexford and her husband Paul were sitting in their car at the end …

Rexford had Access to Personal Fire Rig During Wildfires!

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Despite the apparently true saga of Poway Councilwoman Betty Rexford’s use of city staff to go after her neighbors, have the mainstream media picked up on something way worse than that, her demands for a fire truck to be stationed at her house during the devastating wildfires?  OHMY. Read a recent missive from the Recall Rexford effort, as well as Logan Jenkins’ …

Rexford Recall Burning with New Revelations

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The recall effort against Poway City Councilwoman Betty Rexford is gaining significant momentum.  Most anyone who knows or hears of the Betty shenanigans is quite incensed that an elected official would use the power of office to push the city into going after her neighbors. But,  new information makes some of that seem to pale in comparison.  The latest just …