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Supervisor Slater-Price details $3,590 worth of gifts in 2009

Read all about how this County “public servant” lives high on the hog as the beneficiary of the very groups she hurls big sack of your tax dollars at! UNBELIEVABLE!

Good job and atta’-boy to Mr. Mark Walker of the North County Times for keeping the public informed.

The salt in the wound is that she takes personal credit for donating YOUR MONEY to HER favored groups!

For example: per the newspaper article …”The program for the Feb. 27 “Defender Bowl” football game in Escondido pitting police officers against U.S. Marines, for example, included in large, bold type a “Very Special Thank You to San Diego County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Pam Slater-Price.” And that’s just one tiny example. Go check out the “Cardiff Kook” surfer statue and read the Pam plaque. Or the Cardiff Library, or the Museum in La Jolla… The list is virtually endless, and it’s galling.

County Board policy states it should have read:    “Funded by the County of San Diego at the recommendation of Supervisor________.”

The Smiling Spotlight would like to know is the Honorable Supervisor will be writing checks to cover the cost of correcting all the personalized thank you plaques giving personal homage to her for the use of OUR money?

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