Toni Atkins, Developer. What?

Sunshine Sunshine


A few days ago I raised some questions about interesting ballot titles and over the past few days I have received some answers, some more hysterical than others.

It looks like I do have my answer about Toni Atkins being a “small businesswoman”. She backs up her claim by listing herself as a Senior Principle at LeSar Development Consultants. My questions now become did she take a salary for this while on the City Council and if so does she list it in her economic interests as influencing her votes on the City Council? Is she a registered lobbyist with the City now? Did she exchange votes on the Council for a position? We’ll just have to wait and see…

On the Sheriffs ballot designation I am told that issues were raised with all three and that the Registrar would be issuing some statements this week, afterward court proceedings may take place.

The titles in the 53rd Congressional Primary, which fall under the wing of the California Secretary of State, will be interesting if at all relevant, seeing as three if not all four of the Republicans running are having some complaints raised. Does Michael Crimmins have to put “retired” in front of his “Teacher/Marine Officer”, does C. Mason Weaver get to use his stage name or must he go by his legal name of “Clarence Mason”, does Mari Fink get to use “Community Volunteer” (when you use CV it needs to be for a registered 501c3/Gov/Edu group and you can’t have another primary paying job), and what exactly is a “Commerce-Productivity Consultant” for Matt Friedman. If I had to guess I’d say that Crimmins and Friedman get to keep theirs, Fink does not, and Mason Weaver, well, that is anyone’s guess.

We do have one winner in this for funniest ballot designation and explanation, please note I am posting without the name to save face for someone and posting this exactly how it appears on the sheet (spelling and all), enjoy:

Proposed Ballot Designation…
First Choice: Comunity Volunter
Alternative 1: Honor Our Troops

Describe what you do and why you believe you are entitled to use…
I co-oridate media relations, write press releases, walk precincts, in general – a all around jack of the trades.