Vargas Dominos

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If State Senator Juan Vargas wins a Congressional matchup against former State Senator Denise Moreno Ducheny (and others), it will result in a vacant Senate seat.

Assemblyman Ben Hueso lives in Vargas’ Senate district.

If Hueso were to run and win a special election for Senate, it would create a vacancy in his Assembly seat.

So, who would run for Assembly?

Lorena Gonzalez, secretary-treasurer of the San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council, recently moved into a community that overlaps the new 80th Assembly district, where Hueso is seeking reelection.*

Hueso also just recognized Gonzalez as his Assembly District “Woman of the Year.” Full circle, the Labor Council supports Juan Vargas for Congress.

Domino Scenario #1: Vargas > Hueso > Gonzalez

In response to the question of such a possible scenario, culminating in a Gonzalez run for Assembly, she said, “I am running for reelection to the Labor Council.”

That election is next month; the term is four years.

Let’s not forget, then, San Diego City Councilman David Alvarez, who also lives in Hueso’s Assembly area. If Alvarez were to win an election to the Assembly, his city council seat would then be vacant.

Domino Scenario #2: Vargas > Hueso > Alvarez > Gonzalez.

In such a scenario, the council seat would be much more conducive to a Gonzalez run than the area in which she lost to Councilman Kevin Faulconer several years ago.

But, Councilman Alvarez has a baby at home. If he’s talked to Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher about more than education programs and killing SAFE, the desire to be near home may not mix with the thought of time spent in Sacramento.

Of course, Gonzalez could simply run for a vacant Vargas senate seat. But, that would be a “step over” both Hueso and Alvarez.

It could also be that Gonzalez simply moved. End of story, then, on that front.

Let’s also not forget former Assemblywoman Mary Salas, who ran so close against Vargas for Senate in 2010 that they may still be counting chad.

A vacant Vargas Senate seat could produce a spirited Hueso vs. Salas match, not precluding the scenarios shown above if Hueso were to end up victorious.

Rostra readers may have other scenarios. Please share them with us.

Oh, it could also be that Vargas doesn’t get elected to Congress. Then, in the immortal words of Emily Litella, “Never mind.”


*The last time this blog made reference to Gonzalez’ residential community, Rostra was accused of providing her actual address. That, quite simply, was a lie, in that it never happened. All that was noted then was her community, literally made up of thousands of homes.

Gonzalez herself recently publicly mentioned in writing the area of her new home. The post above does not re-publish that info from her, nor does it even mention the neighborhood or community.