Steve Danon for 3rd District S.D. Board of Supes: “The Steamroller” says John Dadian!

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This from the North County Times today:

…The strong start may have kept some potential candidates from running, observers said.

“I’m calling him the steamroller,” said John Dadian, a San Diego political consultant who has known Danon for 20 years. “I can’t understand why nobody’s jumped in yet. I think they’re afraid of Steve. I think (they’re afraid) with good cause.”…

Read the whole story here.


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  1. Have been doing Opp research since 1984. It is my hobby. Having retired from the Probation office in 2000, it has become my vocation.

    As i have carried a badge for 27 years, I have carried a low profile. Security for my family. Kids have flown the coop,and I am ready for some rock and roll.

    I have a winter home in the desert,but i touch bases with people in La jolla. I have worked with both John and Steve in military matters and Scouting….Dont rock my boat,Potter is an amature,with old sources….,

    I am turning my agency over to a man I admire and respect….Vett my PI lic….# PI 11456/calif.

  2. Really? Every time I see Birch post a comment in his free-form, unabomber-kinda style, I’m not sure whether to laugh or hide my kids. Seriously, WTF? You touch base with people in La Jolla…Don’t rock your boat. Who cares? Who the heck is Potter (and where was anyone by that name mentioned in the post)? What the heck are you talking about? Again, seriously.

  3. I enjoy JB’s ** CRYPTIC ** messages here !

    They are unfiltered stream of consciousness.
    The local references he includes also mark
    him as a long time local, perhaps a native,
    with plenty of background.

    Pretty sure “Potter” refers to Matt Potter of the
    SD Reader. Apparently JB does not share my
    view (reitereated weekly in my Alternate week-
    end news links) that Mr. Potter is San Diego’s
    #1 Investigative reporter.

    Keep commenting JB…..from your winter home…
    or On the Road.

  4. I can vouch for Birch. He and I have chewed some of the same sand together. A carpenter by trade, I mostly make a living as a mercenary or should I say “guy who fights in wars for money” if you know what I mean. It’s how I have fun. Left the agency years ago, a hired gun is my talent. My calling.

    I keep things on the DL (that’s down low for you civilians). I want to keep those around me and my dog safe from evil doers. But don’t mess with me because I am ready to get down!

    I live all over. Constantly on the move. Tonight a hole under a bomb shelter…tomorrow a hole under a bomb shelter someplace else. I like to stay in the loop with all my government connections in Grantville off the 8 and Mission Gorge over by Kaiser where that one old time butcher is. Have been in and out of harm’s way with Fred and Frank. But that doesn’t mean I am an easy target Bob. Stanley has no idea what he is doing.

    License to kill. Live and let die. The spy who loved me. Moonraker.

    End Transmission.

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