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Statement Re: ACORN Operative on Tape

From the local GOP…

SAN DIEGO, November 11 – Chairman Tony Krvaric today issued the following statement following the discovery of audio recordings where ACORN organizer David Lagstein is suggesting a whitewash by Attorney General Jerry Brown of the investigation into the apparent ACORN misconduct uncovered earlier this year:

We can recall the appalling videos from the National City office of ACORN, where an employee was caught on tape seemingly offering to assist with human smuggling of under-age girls across the border for the purposes of child prostitution. That incident was just the latest sad example of alleged misconduct by ACORN employees in offices throughout the United States, including at least two known instances here in California.

On the heels of the undercover videos of the alleged misconduct by ACORN in California, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, as well as the local San Diego County Board of Supervisors called on Attorney General Jerry Brown to conduct a full investigation into the allegations. Subsequently, a spokesman for Jerry Brown stated that “we’re going to look at the tapes, we’re going to follow the facts without fear or favor, and we’re going to see where it takes us.”

However, in an audio recording obtained by, from an East County Democratic Club meeting at a Coco’s restaurant in El Cajon back on October 15th, ACORN organizer David Lagstein makes statements which raise several serious issues regarding the integrity of the investigation and communications and/or agreements between ACORN representatives and investigators in the Attorney General’s office.

On the tape, Mr. Lagstein asserts that he has been in contact with the AG’s office and suggests that they have been assured that “the fault will be found with the people that did the video – not ACORN.” Mr. Lagstein is also heard claiming that a serious investigation is “completely not what’s happening.” In words and in tone, Mr. Lagstein appears to suggest that Attorney General Jerry Brown would turn a blind eye to ACORN’s alleged misdeeds and focus instead on the actions of the individuals who uncovered those misdeeds.

With that as background, we have formally presented letters to both Attorney General Jerry Brown and ACORN organizer David Lagstein, demanding answers as to the state of the investigation, whether any communication between the two has been promissory in nature, and the basis upon which Mr. Lagstein made his comments.

Californians are entitled to know that their Attorney General is conducting an honest, thorough, and unprejudiced inquiry into the very serious allegations of misconduct by ACORN,and that the target of the inquiry is fully cooperating with the investigation – not colluding with the AG’s office to stymie it.



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