State Senator Joel Anderson Endorses Steve Danon for Supervisor

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From the Danon for Supervisor Campaign:

Escondido, CA – California State Senator Joel Anderson formally announced today his endorsement of Steve Danon for County Supervisor in 2012.

“We need good people to be strong advocates for creating an environment in our region for business to succeed.  Steve will fight for creating a better business atmosphere throughout our county,” said Senator Anderson. “With 12 percent unemployment in our State, it is all hands on deck to assist in getting our economy moving again,” continued Senator Anderson.

“I’m honored to have Senator Anderson’s endorsement. With one in ten employable San Diegans out of work, we must work with state leaders to streamline regulations that are strangling our businesses.  It should not take five to ten years to go through the County Department of Planning and Land Use to expand one’s business,” said Steve Danon. We are loosing good paying jobs to other states because of this bureaucratic process,” continued Danon.

California State Senator Joel Anderson joins the growing list of endorsements for Danon including; Father Joe Carroll, Congressman Brian Bilbray, County School Board Member Susan Hartley, Mayor James Bond of Encinitas, Mayor of Lemon Grove and former SANDAG Chairwoman Mary Sessom, Deputy Mayor and Chairman of SANDAG Jerome Stocks (Encinitas), Encinitas Councilwoman Kristin Gaspar, former Mayor Christy Guerin (Encinitas), the Deputy Sheriffs’ Association of San Diego County representing more than 2,400 sheriff deputies,  Escondido Police Officers’ Association and the Peace Officers Research Association of California representing more than 62,000 public safety personnel.

For more information regarding Steve Danon for County Supervisor, please visit his website at or call him at (858) 395-2133.


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  2. Something stinks in the Danon for supervisor campaign. And now two especially annoying flies are buzzing around the pile. One of them is state Sen. Joel Anderson. You might remember him paying big fines last year for receiving questionable campaign contributions. Now we see that Kurt Bardella, a Capitol Hill bootlick who got fired for inappropriately sharing e-mails, is carrying water for Danon. Does Danon have a single supporter who isn’t a creep?

  3. Attention Wonkburger! You have a disorder known as “Projection”. Get treatment asap.

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