Ryan Trabuco, Sharing Some Final Thoughts

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I’m sure it’s no secret that people know I’ve used this handle on SD Rostra, but yesterday I announced my re-registration to “No Party Preference.” I had my reasons, and could care less about the criticism of those reasons.

Last week, I e-mailed the good administrators here to let them know that  my contributions to Rostra had been few and far between lately, and that it likely wasn’t going to change.

Personally, the holidays gave me ample time to reflect on a lot of things, and the conclusion was just needing a break from politics. I was asked to contribute a final post (this one) to share some departing thoughts.

I want to thank everyone at SD Rostra for the opportunity to blog here. I check this site every morning. It’s been a privilege to work with so many of you to help uncover much of the South Bay corruption over the last few years. The fruits of those labors continue to play out in the press and in the courtroom even today. Hopefully, justice will be done on that front.

Looking ahead, I wish everyone the best in continuing to highlight good government policies and proposals, strong up-and-coming candidates, and continue to uncover unethical behavior within the San Diego political community. So many of you I consider great personal friends and colleagues. Others were, of course, courageous and worthy conservative adversaries. One or two of you can take a flying leap; I don’t care.

Since it’s been written, my advice for the Republican Party moving forward is this:

1) Go back to your roots. Here’s the very, first GOP Platform adopted in 1856 at the first Republican Convention in Philadelphia. Read it. Study it. Hell, re-adopt it.

2) If you haven’t seen the Golden Globe-nominated film “Lincoln,” then I encourage you to check it out. Showtimes are here. The Republican Party needs to adopt more Emancipation Proclamations and less SB1070s, but that’s just my opinion.

3) On Facebook, I noticed that Clinton Soffer and Tony Krvaric highlighted a Politico story about the Texas Republican Party that I feel is worth a read, too.

4) In Clairemont for the Town Council, I’ve stressed practicing something we call “positive politics.” For the last few political forums we’ve had I’ve stressed to all candidates involved that they only talk about their ideas, their vision, and their plan on governing. Moving ahead toward the midterm elections, maybe that’s what the GOP needs to do. All I can do is suggest.

We’re only three days in, but I hope you all have a great 2013.

— Ryan Trabuco