Bertha Lopez and the Character Assassination of John McCann

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By now, I’m sure we’ve all heard about the troubles at Sweetwater Union High School District: corruption, scandals, and even a “naked chick” joke.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize the political opportunity to be seized amid the drama — but, what if the supposed “fall guy” for much of the trouble at Sweetwater was the one being targeted?

I’m referring, of course, to John McCann.

After serving two terms on the Chula Vista City Council, John McCann ran for an open seat on the Sweetwater Union High School board, only to be named Board President as soon as he was sworn-in.

At the time McCann became board President, there had been 44-years worth of service on the school board among the other 4 members. With that amount of institutional knowledge of the internal woes within Sweetwater, did it not seem odd to anyone else that McCann — the newbie — was swiftly named Board President?

Clearly, there must have been something shady going on that the other 4 members knew about and they decided to make McCann — a dedicated, public servant and Navy reservist — the fall guy.

Enter Bertha Lopez. Die-hard Democrat. Beloved by union leadership. Forget even forging a working relationship with any Republicans, Bertha Lopez and her political ally, South Bay Irrigation District’s Jose Preciado, could be the South Bay’s version of Prom King and Queen for the Democratic Party.

Their strategy? Target John McCann. Push and advocate for a recall election. Replace with Democrat.

Never mind that much of the mess at Sweetwater went uncovered and was allowed to run rampant by those other 4 members of the board prior to McCann’s arrival.

Fellow Democrats Pearl Quinones and Arlie Ricasa, are both named in the D.A.’s case, but are questionably out of the Lopez/Preciado cross-hairs. It should be noted that Bertha’s home was searched by authorities, but she is not accused of wrongdoing at this time.

So, what remains the overall goal for these two? As Preciado runs for re-election this year, he is attempting to plant rabid pro-union, PLA-loving, taxpayer-hating Democrats onto the South Bay Irrigation District Board, while Bertha continues to target McCann in the hope that she is able to lead a successful union-controlled majority onto the Sweetwater board.

If you live in the South Bay, and are tired of the politics-as-usual and gamesmanship that occur in this region, then we need you to consider challenging their plans.

So far, there are no candidates — much less, taxpayer-friendly — challenging either Bertha Lopez or Pearl Quinones for the Sweetwater Union High School District Board. For potential candidates, both seats are at-large. If you’re interested in running, let us Rostra folk know.

For interested candidates, ballot statements cost $1,920 to reach approximately 182,000 registered voters. No signature gathering is required.

There are only 2 candidates who have filed candidate “intent” paperwork for one of the open seats for South Bay Irrigation District. No one has stepped forward as of yet to run against Jose Preciado in District 3.

According to Preciado’s Form 460’s, he had only managed to raise $2,275 for his 2008 campaign, and has so far raised a humble $275.

For interested candidates, you must live in the district you intend to run for. Ballot statements cost $145 for District 2, $160 for District 3, and $165 for District 5 to reach approximately 9-13,000 registered voters depending upon the district. No signature gathering is required.

Again, if you’re interested in running, let us Rostra folk know. You have until August 10th at 5:00pm to make up your mind.

It’s important, that even in such a tough area for Republicans like the South Bay, that we advocate for open and transparent government — at all levels. And if that means protecting those we help elect continue to advocate for taxpayers, then we need to stand by those members and help them in their time of need.

So, run. Run. Go down to the Registrar of Voters, file the paperwork, and run for these positions and advocate for taxpayers in the South Bay. And, if anything, defend John McCann’s character and dedication.

John served this country in a time of crisis. In his time of crisis, it’s time we serve John.