“Show Us Your Papers” ~The San Diego Union-Tribune

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“Show Us Your Papers” ~The San Diego Union-Tribune
By Amy Reichert
ReOpen San Diego

A good friend of mine hates Donald Trump with a white-hot passionate hatred. She did not vote for Trump. After reading a recent San Diego Union-Tribune article by Michael Smolens entitled, “People who won’t get COVID-19 vaccine shouldn’t complain about restrictions” she said to me, “I wish Donald Trump was still President.” 

You see, the columnist also wrote that people who have not been vaccinated are a public safety threat and are a danger to others.”

First of all, Michael Smolens, do you even hear yourself? 😂

Second, children under 12 have not even had the vaccination because it is not available to them. Do political hacks who spew hate for clicks like Smolens actually believe children are a public safety threat and dangerous?” Does Smolens get a panic attack when he sees a toddler at a grocery store?

Next, what about the millions of Americans who have had Covid and recovered? The CDC is finally admitting that people who have been vaccinated can actually get Covid, can transmit Covid, and do have viral loads that are just as high as those who have not been vaccinated.

Oh, lastly and fourth of all. Moderna just announced that it believes people who received two doses of its COVID-19 vaccine will need a third dose before winter.

So using Smolen’s logic, will people who get a third shot start discriminating against people who have only had two shots?

The rhetoric used in the Union-Tribune is a true danger to society right now. When groups of people are branded dangerous, what does society do with them? People who have already had Covid, those who just want to wait until the vaccines are FDA approved, or others who have legitimate concerns should not be discriminated against, segregated, and dehumanized. Smolens and the extremist politicians he parrots want to deny people the right to earn a living, get an education, or eat based on vaccination status. This will create a national caste system that will destroy the soul of the nation.

We are going into a time of dark extremism driven by irrational fear and it is being driven for political power and money.

Where is this all going? Certainly, in the name of “health,” those like Smolens would not want restaurants to put patrons on a scale before they can order dessert? Does he want a world where grocery stores do not let people check out with Ben & Jerry’s Extra Chunky Chubby Hubby ice cream unless they show a note from a doctor that they do not have high blood pressure or their cholesterol levels are normal?

No, we still live in a free society and we — not the government — have personal responsibility for our health.

At ReOpen San Diego, we stand against discrimination of all kinds. We believe that people should never be dehumanized for making the right medical decision for themselves and their families. That is why ReOpen San Diego held a press conference at San Diego City Hall to take a stand against discrimination after San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria tweeted he wanted to give a mayoral proclamation to the first San Diego restaurant that would require vaccine passports to just to have a meal with friends and family.

During open-shut-open-shut lockdowns, ReOpen San Diego fought for local businesses. People such as Mayor Gloria wanted to send police after fine restaurants and patrons that defied Gavin Newsom. To San Diego restaurants and businesses, if you are reading this, please consider that it is in your interest to side with the people who fought for you, not the politicians that bankrupted you.

ReOpen San Diego
invites all San Diego businesses to sign the proclamation against discrimination here.

Even local mayors in San Diego County are standing against Mayor Gloria. El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells declared he will issue a mayoral proclamation to any business in the City of El Cajon that does not discriminate against people based on how many vaccines they have or don’t have.

In Boston, Mayor Kim Janey blasted vaccine passports and compared showing proof of vaccines to slavery.

Businesses can also print out one of these signs here and post it at their establishment, just like at Steele 94. Steele 94 is a Latino-owned restaurant and they proudly posted the ReOpen San Diego Proclamation Against Discrimination based on vaccination status to let the community know, “All Are Welcome.”

Together, using common sense and logic, we can bring people together instead of tearing people apart. Please join us at www.ReOpenSD.org


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  1. These shutdowns, pressure for vaccines, etc are Political only. Only concern for Americans and ignoring the southern border causing the Rise in numbers but NOT in Deaths.

    Something to think about with Open borders with the INFECTED and Not TESTED illegals entering. LETTING THE ILLEGALS IN KNOWING THEY ARE INFECTED, SAYS THE ccp Virus IS NOT NEARLY AS DANGEROUS AS THEY ARE TRYING TO PANIC US INTO BELIEVING. . . . .. AND THOSE WHO DO SUCCUMB ” are COLLATERAL damage” to their agenda. If was so deadly, why free passage of the INFECTED? So let ILLEGALS in, open borders and pass the ccp virus which enables the dems to institute ANOTHER power grabbing lockdown before the next election. THEY are OUR EMPLOYEES. We Are NOT their subjects. Make no mistake, there are some Republicans complicit in this whole fraud

  2. Terrific post!
    Please, let’s get lots of businesses posting the proclamation and signing the pledge against discrimination that they will not refuse service to people who chose not to get the Covid shot.
    Talk to businesses in your area.

  3. Great post Amy! It is frightening to think that we can be forced to inject something into our bodies if we want to go anywhere, work or even buy food to stay alive. Especially when all the science points to vaccinated people being the same level
    of a “public health danger” as unvaccinated. So when unvaccinated are denied entry to a restaurant and then there is an outbreak, they’ll have no one to blame but the people who were allowed in. It’s starting to feel like we’re beginning to live in 1940 Germany, communist Russia, the book 1984 or Cuba. God help us! Fight back!

  4. Thank You for all you do, for standing up for Freedom and against disinformation and evil! You are making a difference in our community and beyond!

  5. It is unbelievable to me that we even have to have this conversation! After working in the public school system for 31 years in Special Education, I can’t believe we are not respecting the rights of others when it comes to their own personal health. We used to work on helping kids be kind and accepting to all different types of people who make different choices about how they live, including their health choices. We talked about how parents know their child best and how we, as educators, needed to defer to the parents when it came to how we worked with their child. Each person and family was treated with respect and kindness. No more, now leaders in our Country, State, and City are telling us to treat a particular group with disdain and disgust. Well, that disgusts me. I will support any business that chooses to serve all people, not just those that agree with their medical choices.

  6. Thank you Amy and Reopen San Diego for shining the light on what is really true and showing up again and again to fight for our rights. Stay strong everyone and do what you can. Consider making a donation to Reopen San Diego so they can continue to fight for what is right.

  7. Amy, what a superb response to Smolens ridiculous and provocative column. I regard Smolens ‘opinion’ as projection, for it is he and others like him who are indeed a “public safety threat and are a danger to others.” In my opinion, Smolens is just a tool of those who seek conflict and control. As the old saying goes, ‘be careful what you wish for’.

  8. Thanks for standing up! This is crazy and such a wrong idea to require vaccinations. Sheesh, not even FDA approved, people already who had covid should already have natural immunity, like the vaccines are supposed to help create. If I already had covid, why on earth would I want an experimental emergency vaccine?!? Right now 40,000 can go to Petco Park, 65,000 can cheer their NBA team in a park with everyone shoulder to shoulder. In 7 states they made the concept of vaccine passports illegal. This is such a political mess, not health related. THANKS AMY!!!

  9. Thank you, Amy, and ReOpen San Diego, for keeping up the fight against further and more ridiculous attempts to control and push fear and division. Stand strong. We are still here fighting with you and for all of us, including those who are not fighting for their rights. But we will fight for them too, in spite of the differences in opinions.

  10. All 50 states mandate the polio vaccine and all 50 states mandate the vaccine that protects against measles, mumps and rubella. Why no outrage over that? If those vaccines were politicized like the COVID vaccines, we would still be fighting against and dying from those diseases.

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