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Should the San Diego County Gun Owners PAC Endorse Julie Thunder For Encinitas Mayor?

Should the San Diego County Gun Owners PAC Endorse Julie Thunder For Encinitas Mayor?

In a word, “No”.

In a phrase, “No. She didn’t ask for the endorsement and will probably reject it.”

Michael Schwartz is the Founder and Executive Director of the San Diego County Gun Owners PAC, of which I am a founding (and current) member. He endorsed Julie Thunder for Encinitas Mayor this morning, soliciting donations for her campaign in an announcement on Facebook.

I commented that I wish he would have spoken to me prior to that endorsement, citing character issues — my comment was deleted.  My concern is that SDCGOPAC is making another amateur mistake in Encinitas. I tried to call Michael and he would not take my call. Michael messaged me, and, within our electronic exchange, the following things were revealed:

1- This was Michael’s personal endorsement, not the SDCGOPAC endorsement.
2- The SDCGOPAC Board of Directors will be deciding whether to endorse Thunder for Mayor on Sunday.
3- **I am not permitted to address our Board of Directors on Sunday. **
4- Thunder has not applied for the endorsement of SDCGOPAC.
5- Neither the Executive Director, nor the Board of Directors, sought advice nor feedback from the two dozen or so supporting members who interact with Encinitas elected officials and candidates on a weekly basis.
6- Julie Thunder is not required to sign the SDCGOPAC pledge for elected officials to secure the endorsement.

Why endorse Thunder? She didn’t ask for the endorsement and will probably (a) ignore, (b) reject or (c) condemn it. Would it be wonderful if SDCGOPAC made an unsolicited endorsement of Julie Thunder’s candidacy and she wholeheartedly embraced it? Absolutely, but her rejection or condemnation of the endorsement does more harm than good for our cause in the coastal cities.

Endorsements mean two things: money and volunteers. If SDCGOPAC is asking me to donate money and volunteer time for a candidate who doesn’t want my help, why would I do either?

Catherine Blakespear is openly hostile to the Second Amendment, but Julie Thunder has no history of advocacy for it and won’t make a statement in support of it or our PAC. This is a waste of our resources and doesn’t move the ball in the coastal cities. Speak with any of us who live, work, and play here and we will tell you that.

** I had no desire to have this discussion in public but I asked to address the Board of Directors on Sunday and was categorically denied the opportunity. Michael Schwartz wouldn’t even take my phone call.

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